Migration Agents and Recruitment Specialists

Migration Agents and Recruitment Specialists in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Migration Agents and Recruitment Specialists. Currently  seeking sales and marketing staff and managers who have experience in:

  • Account management
  • BDMs
  • Advertising
  • Marketing

Migration agents help people who want to move to a new country by giving them information and advice, preparing and submitting visa applications, and acting as middlemen to legally represent clients during the visa process and in front of review bodies.


  • It gives information about immigration rules, processes, and legislation.
  • Inquiries in writing and through the telephone
  • The organization reviews, investigates, and makes decisions about applications for permanent residence in Australia or entrance into Australia.

Many job seekers miss so many chances for employment as they are not aware of the current job programs available in Australia, but migration agents can help you identify those opportunities.

How do Aurec Group help you find the right IT job?

Aurec Group’s staff focus is in listening to what you want, they understand the industry you want to work in and therefore can find the perfect fit for you.

Aurec Group have the clients and are good at attracting the right recruitment candidate. The Aurec recruitment network is global and aims to find the perfect job and link the candidate to the right employer with the right job to match the candidates work skills and experience.

Aurec have a proactive team of recruiters who not only look through and advertise on sites like LinkedIn and other IT related job sites. Recruitment staff call the potential candidates and employers and head hunt the perfect candidate and ensure there is a perfect skill match with the employer’s job specification.

Once the selection process is complete there is help with the best strategy to follow in the interview and your recruiter will be there with help and advice whenever it is needed. Assistance is given to help prepare an interview strategy, how much and what to ask for and how to ask for it.

Registered Migration agent

Our Migration agent and recruitment specialist in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra are experience in the Australian government’s migration legal requirement and will assist you in any way they can to make your migration journey to Australia a success.
We will make you journey to your new job smooth and seamless.

Sydney Office

Level 8, 10 Bridge St
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 02 9993 1100
Fax: 02 9993 1001

Melbourne Office

Level 12, 99 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Tel: 03 8625 0400
Fax: 03 8625 0499

Canberra Office

Level 4, 59 Wentworth Avenue
Kingston ACT 2604
Tel: 02 6162 9600
Fax: 02 6162 0131

Pathway to Permanent

Our aim is to determine and work towards the most efficient and cost-effective pathway to Permanent Residency. 

Individual Visas

We can help with visitor visas or working holiday visas and can offer guidance if you are looking to come to Australia to study. If you need a visa to visit Australia for business, this section is also for you.

Family Visas

There are a number of family visas that may be suitable, such as Parent visas, Partner visas, Child visas, NZ Family visas, TSS Family visas.

International Recruitment

We are international recruitment experts and process visas such as the Employer Sponsored 482 TSS Visa, 186 Visa (ENS), 187 Visa (RSMS) & 494 Visa.


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