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Important Documents to Bring to Australia Checklist

If you’re planning on moving to Australia there are a fair few documents you will find handy to have whilst you are being processed. And of course, if you’re staying in hotels or hostels you may want to consider keeping these in a bank safety deposit box until you’re into a secure home of your own in sunny Australia. Here’s a handy checklist to tick off before jumping on the plane.
Ten important things to remember to check before leaving home.

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  1. Birth certificates and passports for yourself and all the family if you’re bringing them.
  2. Marriage, divorce or separation documents if applicable to you.
  3. Medical records, including dental, prescriptions and x-rays – again if applicable to you!
  4. Immunization records for your children – these will be imperative to enrolling your children in any Australian schools or childcare facilities.
  5. Your driving license and international driving license – make sure it’s valid ahead of arrival in Australia.
  6. All your qualification certificates – such as Degrees, A-Levels or whatever is applicable to your profession.
  7. Multi Car Insurance insurance papers may also help you to get a low premium if you have a good record in your country of origin.
  8. Travel insurance is also a good idea to cover you for your first few weeks in Australia.
  9. Reference letters from your previous employers – get these written ahead of time if need be.
  10. Financial records that document your credit history and rating – again these could really come in handy if you’re applying for any credit whilst in Australia.

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