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Cost of living in Perth for International students

Most livable and cost-effective city 

There are many reasons for Perth being rated as one of the top cities to live in for the past years. Perth has a warm and sunny climate, vibrant economy, discoveries, and adventures nearby and also offers education courses that are world-class. Perth has one of the lowest costs of living expenses for international students when compared with other cities in Australia. Migration Agent Perth Start your journey to becoming an Australian citizen.

Migration information Perth


According to the World Cost of Living Survey of 2017, by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Sydney was ranked 14, Melbourne was ranked 15 and Brisbane was ranked 31 and Perth was ranked 49th. This is a great indicator of Perth being one of the most affordable cities to live in in Australia. The survey took a measure of more than 400 factors which included food, transport, accommodation, entertainment, and healthcare. The survey compared major cities of the world and Perth is situated well down the list.

Most affordable study option

The day-to-day cost of living in Perth for international students is less when compared with major cities in Australia and even worldwide making it one of the most affordable destinations to study.


The cost of accommodation will depend on the types of accommodation that you would prefer, so doing a bit of research in the area of Perth you would like to live in would help.

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Cheap travel

If you want to get around Perth, public transport allows students to travel cheaply or even for free. You will receive a 40 per cent discount on public transportation throughout Western Australia. The discount is sponsored by the government of Western Australia. 


Entertainment and food costs will depend on your taste. But being a student of Australia, you can expect student discounts throughout the country for things like movie tickets and in various restaurants and stores.

Migration Agent Perth

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