Migration news impact of the federal election Australia

Federal Election

With both the federal election beside us and the fresh Cabinet formally sworn in, we have higher confidence over the next three-year period of the government about Australia’s immigration policy guidelines. We predicted earlier that the announced strategy modifications under the Prime Minister, the leadership of Scott Morrison over the previous year will continue to evolve.

Tony Abbott had planned it

 It should at least do the favour of Tony Abbott to acknowledge that he understands what he’s doing. He didn’t just come up with both the specific combination of employment and nationality he did on a behest previously this week. He had planned it for a while. Throughout the state, the constituency has become more relaxed with both their governments and their politicians than they have been for decades and scarcely anyone noticed it.

The unstable political system

Only month’s earlier critics were tuning into the atmosphere and writing of disenchantment with regards to the political system, with dissatisfaction with politicians all over the country and profound discontent with leadership performance. As Australians see that now, one of the worst political eras in our history has come to an end.

The promise

A newspoll study demonstrates not only has Malcolm Turnbull’s rise at the national stage placed the government well in front of everything, but the same is true of any state govt other than Western Australia. The election result also implies the opposition’s commitments of enhanced entry to Temporary Parent Visas, enhanced regulation of the labour market screening and skills evaluation criteria, and improbable in getting a higher minimum wage for foreign employees. 

VISA Processing

They also have some modifications to share in this concern about visa processing. Currently, the processing is pending 700-800 legacy applications for a Subclass 457 Visa. Most of these cases were postponed owing to the complexities of wellness and character. To handle the present backlog of over 250,000 Australian Citizenship applications, an extra 100 processing people were employed. Current citizenship registration periods have peaked around 14 and 19 months.

Partner VISA

Only 400 applications for the fresh Subclass 870 Temporary Sponsored parent Visa have been obtained. If you are inclined to support your relatives, this is excellent news because the visa is limited to just 15,000 individuals per year. There is still no deadline for important modifications to the sponsorship system for Partner Visa.    

There is currently a lengthy application queue for partner Visas consisting of 82,000 First stage applicants this is important considering that Partner Stream migration scheduling rates allow only 39,799 of these visas to be issued in 2019/20. For onshore partner Visa applicants processing periods have exceeded from 23 to 31 months and for Overseas Partner Visa applicants, from 13-19 months. 156,000-second stage applicants for permanent residence.

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