Winter Adventures To Monkey Mia 4 day tour

Monkey Mia tour from Perth: A tropical paradise combining beach fun and marine adventures awaits you in Monkey Mia.

Although Monkey Mia is almost 850 kilometres from Perth there’s so much to see and do along the way you may as well make an action-packed road trip out of it.

Setting off from Perth

Setting off from Perth over four days with West Coast Cruisers will give you an action-packed road trip alongside like-minded travelers. Your first port of call will be the Pinnacles Desert. A vast and eerie landscape awash with ancient limestone columns, the Pinnacles Desert looks more like a moonscape than a desert and is the perfect place to kick off your adventure.

Epic coastal views

Driving along the stunning Indian Ocean Road you’ll take in epic coastal views as you make your way up to Kalbarri National Park. Upon reaching Kalbarri you’ll be confronted with vast panoramic views of the rocky landscape and you’ll have the chance to hike the famous Z-Bend and maybe even abseil down the 25 metre walls of Murchison Gorge. Kalbarri is also home to Nature’s Window – a naturally occurring rock formation that frames the view in the distance and makes for a great photo opp!

As you head towards Shell Beach and Shark Bay the beach portion of your road trip begins as you prepare to meet the world-famous Monkey Mia dolphins. The Monkey Mia dolphins have been swimming into the shallow waters of the Monkey Mia resort for many years which attracts tons of visitors as you get the opportunity to see these incredible creatures up close.

Take a wildlife cruise

Whilst visiting Monkey Mia you can take a wildlife cruise for $35 or hire a kayak for $15 and go exploring in the crystal clear, blue waters. If you’re looking for a more relaxing pace, however, you could simply laze around on the beach and sun yourself as the ocean laps the shore.

Your way back to Perth doesn’t have to be a straight run, so on your way back to Perth, you’ll stop off at Greenough Wildlife Park where you can hand feed kangaroos and also meet some other local Aussie wildlife. There’s even time for one last adrenaline packed moment as you reach Lancelin. Lancelin is famous for its great sand dunes, so grab a sand board and surf your way down for one last hurrah before you return to Perth.

Prices start from $695 and include most meals, all accommodation, transport and entry fees to attractions.

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