Moving to Australia: Removals

Moving to Australia: Removals

There are a number of ways to transport your personal items to Australia when migrating to Perth. Each method is different and each has its place.

Checked in Baggage

The first option for moving your personal belongings is your checked in baggage with your airline. The amount of checked in baggage you can  bring with you depends on the class you are flying economy is generally 2 pieces of no more than 23kgs each, business and first class offer more and the amount varies between airlines.

Excess in Baggage

Excess baggage is an option and a growing number of airlines that fly into Australia have introduced the option to pre-purchase additional baggage before flying. This pre-purchase is considerably cheaper than paying the penalty for excess baggage when checking in. There are also options for discount excess baggage, however this baggage may not be readily cleared at your port of entry and can take up to 10 days to clear customs, however this is still an effective way to expedite the transport of important items.

Air Freight to Australia

Air freight is much faster than conventional sea freight but it does have some weight limitations and does cost more. Air freight is good for smaller moves and normally takes around 2 weeks to leave, arrive and clear. The cost of this removal service is ultimately determined by the weight of what is being shipped. Some items, especially dangerous or valuable goods, cannot be shipped by air freight and it makes sense to speak to a number of air freight companies to find out what can and cannot be shipped.
Many people who migrate to Perth will send a small package or two by air freight of important items such as kitchen items or clothing by air freight. This ensures certain basics arrive before the bulk of the furniture and items arrive.

 Sea Freight to Australia

Sea Freight is normally the most affordable option for transporting your personal belongings to Australia. Using 20 or 40 foot containers you can choose for a number of full containers or a shared container. Shared containers can have some short delays in transit times but generally these are not that bad.
It is advised to have your container professionally packed to avoid delays at customs on the receiving end. Premiums on marine insurance may also be affected if you self pack. Sea freight shipping times can be impacted by weather and thus a word of warning is to anticipate a day or two longer than expected. There are many reputable shipping firms who ship to Australia and your migration agent can advise.
Removals to Perth, Brisbane, Victoria, Sydney or Adelaida

Once you have arrived in Perth or your other new home in Sydney or Brisbane  you will need to have your belongings moved from the port and customs to your property. There are many reputable firms who will do this for and it is recommended that you work through your migration agent and get 3 quotes.
Need shipping and removal advise

Need a migration agent


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