New bar and restaurant openings in Perth

New bar and restaurant openings in Perth: From posh urban breweries to wine bars and pubs, Perth is brimming with new establishments that are eager to attract customers. Whether it’s your first time to Perth or you are a returning visitor to the city, there’s  something for everyone. Read on for our list of some exciting new openings.

Wines of While

458 William St, Perth, Western Australia 6000

A newcomer to the William Street neighbourhood is Wines of While. This wine shop is growing in popularity as not only a bar but also as shop and eatery. From their scrumptious lemon tarts that are zesty, to their delicious range of bread made in-house by hand, to their simple Mediterranean dishes, Wines of While  definitely deserves a visit. The best time would be to nip in after work and spend an evening sipping some wonderful wine complemented by some light and delectable low -key edibles.


Address: 26 Queen St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

From  milkshakes doused with booze to burgers oozing with decadent cheese, the Big Bopper down Queen street, is Perth´s favourite burger bar. A highlight of the Bopper is its huge wall of sauce with over a hundred varieties. Diners at the Big Bopper should expect a burst of flavours and some great times ahead.

New bar and restaurant openings in Perth: ARTEM COFFEE ROASTERS

Address: 52 Adelaide St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Having newly inhabited the ‘Many 2.0’ building in Fremantle, a store made popular by craftsmen, artists and foodies – Artem Coffee is the new sandwich competitor on the block. The interesting thing about this merry band of sandwich people is that there spreading their culture quietly. The secret ? Meat sandwiches that are smoked in-house. Apart from the delightful baked goods on offer here,  as the name would imply they serve up some super roast coffee to boot.

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