Ocean’s majesty – Whale watching Western Australia

Ocean’s majesty – Whale watching Western Australia. Who doesn’t love the sight of a majestic whale’s momentary break through salty depths to jump in to the air? There are number of ideal points for whale watching in Western Australia. This probably is the reason that Whale watching Western Australia is a frequently searched phrase on the internet.

Whale watching guide to Western Australia

  • Introduction
  • Vantage points
  • Augusta
  • Dunsborough and Margaret River region
  • Perth

Whales in Western Australia

Thousands of whales migrate from the cold waters of Antarctica annually to raise their offspring in more friendly, warm waters. And usually, between the months of May to December different types of whales such as humpback, blue and southern right whales along the coast of Western Australia. They even come close to shoreline. This is how ‘Whale watching Western Australia’ became a thing. You can use binoculars to get a better sighting but if you pick the vantage points, you’ll be able watch them with your naked eyes.  If you want to enjoy a whale watching adventure, go on a whale watching cruise.

The vantage points  

There are numerous vantage points along the coast of Western Australia to catch many glimpses of whales in all their glory. But timing is of the essence.


The whale watching season in Augusta last from end of May till August. You can be on the lookout for humpback whales that pass through Flinders Bay and get a closer look at southern right whales that use Augusta to care for their newborns. From end of May to July humpback whales arrive in Flinders Bay while southern right whales start arriving in July. Ocean’s majesty – Whale watching Western Australia.

Dunsborough and Margaret River region

You can watch both humpback and southern right whales from September to December in these regions. Blue whales frequent these waters from November to December.


You should visit Perth’s coastline between August and December to watch whales that pass by. Book a whale watching cruise to get a closer look.

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