Open-air entertainment – Outdoor Cinema in Perth

Outdoor cinema in Perth. What could be better than an evening out with friends, watching an old classic under the stars? Here is a guide to help you enjoy outdoor cinema in Perth.

Guide to outdoor cinemas in Perth

  • Galaxy drive in
  • ECU Joondalup Pines
  • Telethon Community Cinemas
  • Rooftop Movies in Northbridge

Galaxy drive in

Galaxy drive in is the only drive-in movie theater in Perth. You can pull up your car and tune your radio into 89.5FM to watch the latest movie at the Galaxy drive in. This complex is arguably the best outdoor cinema in Perth. Take plenty of pillows and warm blankets to snuggle up. You’ll be back in time and lost to the world in minutes.

ECU Joondalup Pines

Pack a picnic and collect your friends to watch some of the best movies in the world while star tingles tease you under a summer sky at ECU Joondalup Pines. If you’re too lazy to pack a picnic, you could buy enough food and beverages (non-alcoholic) from the Snack Hut at the venue. Don’t forget to finish your picnic before the silver screen light up to the signal of the stars lighting the sky above. Outdoor cinema in Perth.

Outdoor Cinema in Perth: Telethon Community Cinemas

You’ll be not only enjoying yourself but helping a worthy cause when you go to watch a movie at Telethon Community Cinemas. The cinemas are located in Burswood, Murdoch as well as Bassendean. Pick your location and pay a mere $14 movie. The community raises money to assist children who suffer from physical disabilities and health issues.

Rooftop Movies in Northbridge

Rooftop Movies is located on top of a car park in Northbridge. They screen old classics as well as new releases. To enjoy the whole experience of a sunset followed by a movie and also to grab good seats, go to the cinema about an hour ahead of schedule. Opt for the bean bags which are more comfortable. You can pack your own snacks but you’ll have to purchase drinks at the complex.

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