Overland Tour To Monkey Mia

Overland Tour To Monkey Mia: Explore the white sand dunes of Lancelin and enjoy the stunning views. Learn about the fascinating rock formations as you walk through the Pinnacles Desert. Hike your way through the Kalbarri National Park and explore the incredible Murchinson Gorge. Encounter wild dolphins as they swim right up to your feet in the shallow waters of Monkey Mia.

Sandboarding & the Pinnacles Desert

Your tour starts from Perth and you travel north along the coast towards Lancelin. Your first experience is to try sandboarding the white sand dunes of Lancelin. Enjoy a walk through the fascinating rock formations of the Pinnacles Desert. As the evening approaches you will journey through Geraldton and spend the night in Kalbarri.

Kalbarri National Park

Spend today exploring the incredible Kalbarri National Park. Walk up to Nature’s Window and look through a natural window rock formation. Hike the Z Bend trail into Murchinson Gorge for the very best views of the Kalbarri National Park.

Shark Bay

In the afternoon travel towards Shark Bay and visit a beach made of white cockle shells. Spend the night in Denham.  

Monkey Mia dolphins

Next day you will experience the Monkey Mia dolphins swimming around your feet. Spend time chilling out on this beautiful coastline before seeing the Stromatolites.

Overland Tour To Monkey Mia: The Stromatolites

The Stromatolites are multi-layered rock formations created by a single-celled microbe. They are still alive and are estimated to be 3.7 billion years old. Then you will travel to Northampton/Northbrook and spend the night.  Return to Perth in the evening.

Key Highlights of the tour

  • Explore the sand dunes of Lancelin. Try sandboarding if weather & time permits
  • Walk through the Pinnacles Desert see fascinating rock formations.
  • Visit the Kalbarri National Park and look through nature’s window.
  • Hike into Murchison Gorge within Kalbarri National Park.
  • Come face to nose with the famous Monkey Mia Bottlenose Dolphins.
  • Discover one of the world’s oldest living organisms the Stromatolites.
  • Spend a night on a working Australian Farm.

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