Perth Best Pub Guide

Perth Best Pub Guide

Mustang Bar

Mustang Bar, located in Perth is essentially a Saloon bar which has a lot of sports related souvenirs, live music, wooden kegs and salsa nights. It is possible to have parties, celebrations and any other function at this bar with free hire of the room. There are some dynamic food platters, packages for drinks, free decorations given, live music to enjoy and many other particulars that will ensure that you enjoy your visit here. The bar is specialised in creating parties which will suit the individual, hence if there is anything specific which you need, you only have to ask them.

Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound Bar is a small, leading aesthetic bar which is located in Perth. You can enjoy some good quality cocktails, wine, craft beer and food in an intimate laneway location in Perth. You can be sure to enjoy some great drinks at this bar. Come on over and reduce your stress levels as you obtain food and drinks worth a higher value for money.

The Standard

This is a bar which has a rooftop, serves some incredible and modern Australian food and drinks, cocktails and craft beer and provides a wonderful atmosphere to the consumers with a great courtyard. The unique feature of this bar is that it offers some really good food items, which is not the norm in most bars, which has only the minimal choices of food. The stunning wine garden at the back also adds to the ambience of the place. Come on over and enjoy these luscious items on the menu!    

Mechanics Institute

This used to be a place where the lower class individuals would go to in the 1800s, and they would elevate themselves into the working class. There are still pieces of machinery stuck to the wall as a reminder of this time. This bar is particularly fond of rye whiskey. Their list of cocktails is short, but it keeps on changing in a regular manner, except for their house cocktail and biggest seller, the Ruckus Juice. Want to try it? Do visit and enjoy it. 

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