Perth to Broome by coach

Perth to Broome by coach

A road trip on a coach from the most isolated city on the planet, Perth, to Broome, in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, is an experience. The total distance is more than 2,500 kilometers (1553 miles). On this tour, you will see the best Western Australia has to offer.

Perth to Broome by coach visit The Pinnacles

The pinnacles It is the first stop on your coach tour from Perth to Broome  where you can enjoy the breathtaking views along the Indian Ocean tour and then explore the pinnacles of the desert. A short drive takes the travelers to the picturesque campsite next to the beach, where they can relax for the night.

Perth to Broome by coach visit Geraldton and the Pick Lake

Geraldton and Pink LakeIt is the second stop where you can sleep with a hangover or swim early in the morning and hit the road by coach. Before the afternoon,check the coast and the Geraldton museums and then head to the spectacular Pink Lake. The place to camp at night is in the picturesque bay of luck, walking through the dunes or swimming while the sun goes down. There is a lot of space in the camp, so it’s time to upload the music and let yourself go at night.

Perth to Broome by coach visit Kalbarri National Park

Watch the scenic cliffs of Kalbarri before a quick swim as well as a cold shower at the mouth of the river. Then explore the incredible Kalbarri National park with a few hours of walking to the nature’s window and Z Bend. Later in the afternoon travelers go by coach to the night stop next to the river.

Monkey Mia, Dolphins and Carnarvon

Wake up and walk 50 meters to the water’s edge. It’s time to meet the famous Monkey Mia dolphins, if you’re lucky, you can feed Flipper with his flaky breakfast. Now there are some free hours to explore swimming or renting a kayak. The camp ground is a short drive north of here, where travelers  settle for the night.

Perth to Broome by coach via Coral Bay

The coach reaches the coral bay by mid-morning and set up camp. There are two free days to explore, dive into the incredible reef or just sit with your new friends on the beach and enjoy this special place. See the coral reef at its best, a few meters from the beach there are huge coral formations and big fish. If you’re lucky, you can swim with a turtle or a friendly reef shark! In general, things will start quite early, and by the end of the afternoon everyone is ready to let off steam and celebrate! You will fall in love with this place the moment you arrive!

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Perth to Broome by coach 

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