Perth to Broome coach tours 10 days

Perth to Broome coach tour 10 days

The 10-day epic adventure up the west coast will give you a chance to:

  • Encounter Dolphins of Monkey Mia
  • Swim and hike the Kalbarri National Park and Karijini
  • Snorkel in the beautiful Coral Bay reefs, and many more.

Perth to Broome tour A landscape like no other

You can get to Nambung National Park and explore the impressive Pinnacles which comprise ancient rock formations that rise up from the desert. You can journey further to Jurien Bay for an opportunity to sandboard the expansive and massive sand dunes.

Perth to Broome tour Spectacular Kalbarri National Park and shell beach

You will encounter Kalbarri National Park on the way and you can hike to see some diverse scenery which includes a loop walk, Murchison Gorge, and Nature’s Windows.  You can also visit the beautiful shell beach which is made up entirely made up of shells and is only one of two beaches in the world.

Friendly dolphins of Monkey Mia

You can head to the beach to meet the world-famous friendly dolphins of Monkey Mia. These wild dolphins swim up to the shore several times a day. Next, you can visit stromatolites at Hamelin Pool which consists of rock formations that are the world’s largest and oldest fossils.

The elegant underwater world

You can explore coral bay which is the home of Ningaloo Reef, a World Heritage-listed site. You can snorkel the reef or observe tropical life through a glass-bottom boat.

Perth to Broome coach tour 10 days: Awesome marine life

Cape Range National park is a place where you can snorkel or scuba dive in search of manta rays and whale sharks. Vlamingh Head Lighthouse is only one a few places in Australia where you can see both the sun rise and set.

Explore the Karinjini National Park and have a dive

You can explore the gorges of Karinjini National Park where you can hike into the gorges and come across fresh waterholes and a waterfall that is ideal for swimming.  

Iron ore industry

You can visit Port Hedland, where you can gain knowledge and understanding of the iron ore industry in the area.


You can drive to your final destination and enjoy a stroll along the 80-mile beach.

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