Perth to Broome Tour- 5 Places You Must Visit on Your Way to Broome

Explore the enchanting west coast of Australia through Perth to Broome tour – 5 Places You Must Visit on Your Way to Broome and create memories to cherish for a lifetime! This epic journey will give you the opportunity to visit some iconic tourist attractions in the gorgeous land down under. Read on and find out about the top 5 places that you really shouldn’t miss while taking this adventurous tour.

Kalbarri National Park

Beautiful Kalbarri National Park is a place where nature lavishly displays the grandiosity of its handiwork. The destination is filled with rich appeals such as the Loop Walk and Murchison Gorge. If you visit during spring or summer, Kalbarri’s be prepared for the captivating beauty of wildflowers in bloom. Posing for photos at Nature’s Window is also considered mandatory by many visitors! But, it is wiser to reserve hiking trips for the cooler months between May to October as the heat could be detrimental. 

Perth to Broome Tour- 5 Places You Must Visit on Your Way to Broome

Perth to Broome Tour, Visit Spectacular Shell Beach

The spectacular Shell Beach is yet another fascinating site that you will find on your way from Perth to Broome. Instead of the natural golden sands of the beaches of Australia, in Shell Beach, you will see billions of tiny seashells! That’s right, there is no sand, just dramatically picturesque shells spreading across 70 kilometers. The glistening waters that border this magnificent shore offer great opportunities to swim too. 

Perth to Broome Tour, visit Ningaloo reef and see amazing Marine life

Those who are interested in witnessing the vibrant glory of the marine life of Australia must visit the Ningaloo Reef. This UNESCO World Heritage site is the perfect destination for outdoor adventure, especially those that involve the sea. Manta rays, whale sharks, dugongs, loggerhead turtles as well as humpback whales can be easily spotted when snorkeling or diving here.

Meet friendly dolphins at Monkey Mia

The super friendly dolphins of Monkey Mia easily capture the hearts of those who visit the beach of this sunny destination! These frolicksome darlings willingly come to the shallow waters of the beach to interact with humans. You may even get the opportunity to feed them, under the watchful gaze of park rangers. And, if you love beach walks, they offer long or short trails along coastal sandplain and red dunes that end up at a tranquil beach. 

Perth to Broome Tour, visit the awa-inspiring Karijini National Park

Witness the awe-inspiring splendor of majestic gorges and dazzling waterfalls while hiking through the territories of Karijini National Park, which is the second largest national park in Australia. Places like Dales Gorge and Fortescue Falls are prominent attractions here. You will also get to see red kangaroos and rock-wallabies while exploring this beautiful destination.

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