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Experience a tranquil retreat from the hectic nature of city life right on the doorstep of Perth! It’s none other than Swan Valley, one of the oldest wine regions which offers a vast span of wine vineyards in an all-time favourite day tour for many tourists who visit the area.
Swan Valley offers a large variety of wineries, distilleries, breweries, chocolate shops, gourmet restaurants, cafes as well as artisan shops. You can choose either the morning tour which offers sweet treats or the afternoon tour which offers more savoury items. The unique nature of the Swan valley could be experienced on a half or full-day tour from Perth.
While travelling through Swan valley, you have the opportunity of exploring the culinary highlights of this region which is famous for many different items such as

  • Wine
  • Cheese
  • Honey
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Beer

You will have the unique opportunity to enjoy over 25 different tastings on this scenic route while exploring the culinary highlights of the area. Cruising down the Swan River, you can leisurely enjoy the picturesque Perth skyline following the tastings of various wines and cheeses along the way. The vineyards could be visited by coach, learning the techniques of wine making in the area and visiting the ever popular Margaret River Chocolate Company to satisfy all your sweet cravings.
There are a lot of individual features for visitors to enjoy in this tour including the opportunity to see a live honey bee display at a Honey farm while tasting honey, visiting the biggest chocolate factory in WA, tasting delicious nuts at Moorish Nuts, trying fresh nougat at a Nougat factory and tasting freshly brewed coffee at cafes. Don’t miss this great opportunity, come visit Swan Valley and give your taste buds a treat which they will never forget!
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