Why is Perth a good destination for International Students?

Why is Perth a good destination for International Students?

Western Australia is where you can experience Australia’s authentic experience. The state is renowned for its spotless blue skies, spectacular white beaches, and longs days of sunshine. It is also recognized for its booming economy, low unemployment rate, and advanced developments in the field of science and Technology. The city welcomes over 42,000 international students from over 140 counties for enrolment to the various courses on offer each year. 

Resourceful, to achieve your goals.

Perth provides a unique learning environment for its students that mainly nurtures creativity a provides a lot of unrivaled academic resources to its students. You will find all the resources to achieve your full potential in the city that is famous for its friendliness.

Recognized qualifications with quality education

The globally recognized qualification will help you achieve a successful and rewarding career. There are five world-class universities, vocational institutions, and schools that provide you with flexible pathways for quality education.

Affordable and clean

Perth offers a more affordable living environment when compared with other study destinations. It provides the highest standards of living. The pollution free and perfect blue skies are a result of a less crowded population, less traffic congestion, and pollution free environment. 

Multicultural and diverse

Perth is a city filled with cultural diversity. People from over 200 nationalities study work and live in Western Australia. So you will feel welcome and respected where ever you come from.

Cheaper travel

International students can take advantage of a 40 percent discount on buses. Buses that are within the city center are free for all.

Work while you study

If you are a student, you will always look for ways to get some extra cash. You can work for 20 hours per week if you have a student visa. It will help you earn money and become an active member of the community. It will also be a great way to improve your English and there are ample jobs on offer.

High employability through a better economy

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