Perth to Exmouth Hop on Off Option by Coach or Bus

Perth to Exmouth Hop On/Off Option by Coach or Bus: What follows will explain why this course of action is the best one for you. 

Options to travel from Perth to Exmouth

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Being a continent, the distance between cities in Australia is large. For example, the road distance from Perth to Exmouth is about 1250 km. Hence, there are mainly 3 options to travel from Perth to Exmouth. The quickest way is to use a plane. Although it’s the quickest way, it’s the most expensive way. The second one is driving a vehicle. Although much cheaper than using air travel, driving such a large distance will be both difficult as well as monotonous.  The third option is to use a coach or a bus.

Advantages of traveling in a coach or a bus

One advantage of using a coach or a bus is that you get the chance to travel with a tour group. When traveling with a tour group, you will get the chance to meet other travelers and share experiences. You will not get this opportunity when using a plane or by driving your own/rented vehicle. Additionally, you get the hop on off option.

Things to Do in Joondalup
Joondalup is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, approximately 26 kilometres north of Perth’s central business district. It contains the central business district of the regional City of Joondalup and acts as the primary urban centre of Perth’s outer northern suburbs

Advantages of the hop on off option

If you are an independent traveler who seeks your adventure without being tied to a tour group, hop on off is the best option. It provides the freedom to stay wherever you like for any given time duration that you like. It will also provide the opportunity of seeing places that you wish and doing things that you like.

Places to visit on the way from Perth to Exmouth

Journeying on the west coast of Australia, there are numerous tourist attractions. Lancelin, Kalbarri, Monkey Mia, Shark Bay, and Ningaloo Reef are a few of them. Lancelin has an unspoiled coastline with some beautiful beaches. Kalbarri is known for its seaside cliffs, estuary beach, and the famous Z Bend. Monkey Mia is famous for bottlenose dolphins. Shark Bay is popular for its rich marine life including dugongs. Ningaloo Reef is mostly popular for the largest fish in the sea, the whale sharks.

So, are you ready to embark on the Perth to Exmouth Hop On/Off Option by Coach or Bus?

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