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Things to do in Perth Things to do in Northbridge

Day or night, there are so many things to do and see in Perth. Explore Perth and experience unforgettable destinations and activities. From charming historical townships, adventure playgrounds, culinary adventures, trails and turquoise bays and eclectic, unique offerings, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Perth. Enjoy the weekends the way they should be. 

Perth Pubs and Clubs are now open for business as Covid 19 restrictions are relaxed

Travel Perth: Hotspots

That’s entertainment! Perth

AS part of our Perth travel feature series, BBM’s Amy Baker takes us to the best hotspots in and around town…
When you think of Perth, I’m pretty sure the first thing that enters your head won’t be the banging nightlife.

Perth, bars are continually popping

The reality is that bars are continually popping up all over the shop, pretty much every week, providing a nice variety of places to go for a quiet pint, somewhere to bust out your best moves or somewhere to cure the hangover with the age-old remedy of hair of the dog. Depending on what you’re in the mood for you can find a suburb with some action pretty much every night of the week.

Perth has many Students

Mustang Bar The Perth Student Pub

Perth is home to a massive student population, so every night is a party night if you go to the right place. There are options for everyone. If you want to hang out with backpackers and students, knockback cheap unidentifiable shots and potentially spew at the end of the night, then notorious Northbridge is probably the place to go.

Swankier affair in Perth

However, if you are searching for a much swankier affair and fancy donning that cocktail dress and shoulder pads – there are places where you can fritter away your hard-earned cash and rub shoulders with local ‘celebs’. Whatever floats your boat. We at BBM have taken it upon ourselves to drag ourselves off the sofa, pop our glad rags on, and hit the local hotspots to provide you with some insider info on where to go and what to expect.
Oh, it’s a hard life.

Perth City Perth City Pubs

If you try and have a night out in the city mid-week, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere that comes close to being busy. Friday night, on the other hand, is a whole different story, with the after-work crowd desperate to unwind by hitting the bars with a vengeance. Good options after work in the City would be Tiger Lils, The Squire, and The Belgian Beer Café all located on Hay Street and all guaranteeing a good time, great beer, and even better food.

Perth’s Top late-night drinking spots

When the after-work crowd disperses and only the hardcore remains, top late-night spots to hit, if you want to stay in the city, are all still located around Hay Street, making it massively convenient to hop from bar to bar in an effort to find somewhere that suits your tastes

Amplifier Live Rock Bands

Amplifier attracts an alternative crowd and has live rock bands playing at the weekend but, if you haven’t got any tattoos or at least one piercing in your face, then you may feel a little too smart here. If that is the case, try Capitol or

Prince Lane, which are just down the road and is open until the wee small hours. Staying off the dance floor in these classy establishments may prove hard.

Northbridge Bars Pubs  Northbridge Night Clubs

The Northbridge area is actually pretty small but because you normally end up there after a few drinks, it’s pretty hard to get your bearings. I lived in Perth for nearly a year, yet ask me to find it in the day and I think I would struggle – I used to just follow the neon lights.

Mustang Bar Backpacker Bar Northbridge  Student Nights at the Mustang Bar

After further research, I’ve discovered that the majority of bars are located around Aberdeen Street and Lake Street just next to the CBD. The Universal Bar is a perfect starting point for your night in Northbridge. Located just down the road from the train station, this pub boasts an impressive number of different beers on tap and some lovely live music in. If you are a sports fan live sport is on tap for sure.

Favorite Northbridge Night Spots

A favorite nightspot, if the constant massive queue is anything to go by, is The Aberdeen Hotel. This place is huge. There are a massive nine bars to choose from and every night of the week there is a different band or DJ playing. The Deen also holds different functions, such as their massively popular Latin nights, and they usually host some competition or other which involves girls in bikinis. Seeing as Perth is renowned for having the hottest girls in Oz, surely it would be rude not to see for yourself.

The Shed Northbridge Late Licence

Located in the heart of Perth’s premier entertainment district The Shed has some of Perth’s best live music, great pub food, and a fantastic atmosphere.

The Shed Northbridge

Just opposite The Deen is The Shed, which is equally as popular with revelers. They often feature live local bands and DJs. If you are lucky, you may be there to catch one of their infamous foam parties. Nearly all the bars in Northbridge have a late license, making it easy to find somewhere to party.

Best Student Bar in Northbridge Mustang Bar

The Mustang Bar is famed throughout Perth and has an excellent reputation. It plays crowd-pleasing music and the dance floor is always packed with gorgeous guys and girls. The Elephant and Wheelbarrow is as close to a traditional English pub as you will find in the city and the dance floor will undoubtedly be slammed with people dancing to the live bands who play each weekend.

The Geisha Bar Northbridge Rosie O’Gragy’s Irish Pub Northbridge

If you are looking for somewhere to party after all the clubs are closed, then Geisha is the best bet. It’s open until  6am and offers good DJs, reasonable drinks prices, and a uniquely Japanese style décor. Other great options in Northbridge include Rosie O’Grady’s Irish Pub and Euro bar but you really are spoilt for choice.

Cottesloe Bars and Pubs

A day/night out in Cottesloe is without a doubt part of Perth culture and not something to be missed. The Sunday sessions here are awesome and it’s hard to resist doing one each and every weekend in the summer. They kick-off at lunchtime and finish at 10, so you can be in bed and have no hangover come Monday morning.

The Cottesloe Hotel And The Ocean Beach Hotel

The top two spots to hit are The Cottesloe Hotel (The Cott) and The Ocean Beach Hotel (OBH), which are just a few hundred meters apart on the Marine Parade. Both places have massive beer gardens in which to soak up the sun, sink a few pints, and have unrivaled views of the beautiful sunsets. Both bars also have an upstairs area where, later on in the day, DJs hit the decks and people go bananas. It’s always a shame when the lights come on at 10pm! If you want to continue the party, at the risk of a serious Monday hangover, then head to Club Bay View (CLUBBA) in nearby Claremont.

Leederville Pubs Student pubs Backpacker pubs

The Garden Bar Leederville

Ah Leederville, what a place! So much to see and do and so many places to choose from when it comes to getting serious about your drinking. You can’t go wrong with The Garden to start off a night. It’s got a beer garden, big-screen TVs, and an impressive array of local beers and wines.

Local Kids Hot spots in Leederville

This is a relatively new place and it’s very popular with the local cool kids. The Leederville, or ‘Leedy’ as it is imaginatively nicknamed by the locals, is just next door. No way near as modern as it’s neighbor, it’s still worth a drink or two, and Wednesday nights (student night) are massive and cheap.
A couple of more upmarket options in Leederville are the Niche Bar and Double Lucky.

All the bars are off the main high street and located around a car park. This might sound odd but, once you’re there, they’re easy to locate. Double Lucky is for over 25’s and wouldn’t seem out of place in London. Neither would the prices!

Perth Late night clubs

Late-night options include the Hip’E’Club, which is a hotspot on a Wednesday night after The Leedy and is always rammed on a Saturday. They have DJs spinning chart hits and I’m sure more than a few people have been ejected for having one too many.

The Manor Bar Leederville

The Manor is one of the best options in Perth. Unfortunately, this is no longer a secret. Tucked away down a little alleyway, The Manor is like going to a party at an old haunted house. A relatively small club, it’s decked out in huge, red leather sofas and the DJ decks are made out of a white grand piano. Couple this with a good cocktail menu and a refreshing break from the usual chart music found in Perth bars, The Manor’s funk, soul and hip hop vibe should definitely be visited. Be warned though, the dress code is ‘cool’ and there is ALWAYS a queue.

Mount Lawley The Brisbane Hotel

The Brisbane hotel is open for business

For a more chilled out night, you should go to Mount Lawley, where you will find way fewer backpackers and way more locals. Beaufort Street, a straight road originating from the CBD, is the hub of the action. Follow this road and first, you will come across The Brisbane. This pub has a massive garden with a tropical kind of feel and an impressive menu of pub snacks and pizzas. I would recommend the homemade sausage rolls – they are seriously badass!

Queens hotel

Address: 520 Beaufort St, Highgate WA 6003

Phone: (08) 9328 7267

The Flying Scotsman Pub

Address: 639 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley WA 6050

Phone: (08) 9328 6200

Just slightly further up the street is The Queens Hotel. With DJ’s playing funky house and plenty of space to sit outside, this is another huge pub that is always an entertaining night out. The Queens, The Brisbane and The Flying Scotsman, just up the road, are good options for a Sunday Session if you can’t be bothered to make the trek from the city to Cottesloe. The prices at The Flying Scotsman are way more manageable than some of the other hotspots in Perth. If you are in search of something more dignified on Beaufort Street, then The Ellington Jazz Club, Luxe and Must Wine Bar could be well up your street.

Subiaco Pubs and Clubs

Subiaco, just a few minutes away from the CBD, is a good option for a night out and there are plenty of venues to choose from. If you’re lucky, you may even spot one of the players from the local AFL teams having a drink and chatting up the crazy amount of scantily-clad women who make up the Perth female population – especially in Subi. Llama Bar on Hay Street is just a short walk from the station and is a good starting point for the night. The large open plan bar is a popular spot and has a good-sized beer garden with lots of seating. There’s not much of a dancefloor but there are plenty of other options in Subi, so warm up here and then move on.

The Subiaco Hotel

The Subiaco Hotel Subiaco best Pub is open for business after the COVID 19 restriction are relaxed

The Subiaco Hotel is also a good starting point and you can line that stomach with some delicious gastropub-style delights.
A personal favorite in Subiaco is the Club Red Sea. Open late and always banging out a healthy amount of party rap, it’s right up BBM’s street. The club features a mirrored and raised dance floor which has been known to cause more than a little confusion after a few jaegers!

Paddy Maguires Pub Bar Subiaco

Another good pub is Paddy Maguires on Barker Road, with Monday’s quiz night a particular highlight. They usually stage good quality live music on Friday and Saturdays as well, which makes it’s the sort of pub you can easily spend a whole night.

Rokeby Road Gold Bar

On Rokeby Road is The Gold Bar. Although it looks unassuming from the outside, this bar is up there with the swankiest bars in Perth. If you fancy making like Prince Harry and blowing extortionate amounts of mullah on fancy champers and the like, then the bar menu here will have you more than a little excited. The Gold Bar also has a large balcony with big comfy seats for when you feel like cooling off and taking a break from the dancefloor.


Little Creatures Fremantle pub Restaurant 

A night out in Fremantle should certainly be factored into any visit to Perth. BBM would highly recommend starting your day early with some food and beer, which is brewed on the premises, at Little Creatures (pictured).
This is a Perth institution and as soon as you arrive you will see why. Little Creatures has its own brewery and a big, light, and spacious warehouse in which to enjoy your drinks.

Sales and Anchor Pub Sail and Anchor Bar

You can also sample some more home-brewed ales at the Sail and Anchor and get down to some top-notch live bands.

Late Night bars in Fremantle

Backpacker late-night Bars in Fremantle Student Friendly late-night bars in Fremantle

If you’re looking for a late one, Metros Fremantle is a massive club that is busy all weekend and always has a packed out dancefloor and cheap drinks deals. Both Metros and Fly By Night are big gig venues, so if you are a fan of live music, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on who’s in town as they draw some big names.
The main high street in Fremantle has lots of bars and cafes that you can wander between. The vibe is very relaxed and friendly, so lots of people tend to pull up a chair, order a cold glass of vino, and indulge in a spot of people watching.


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