Perth to Margaret River coach tours

Perth to Margaret River Coach Tours

2-Day Perth to Margaret River Coach  tours

Margaret River Wine Experience from Perth

Discover Western Australia’s favourite wine region, the Margaret River wine region on this 2 day tour from Perth to Margaret River. It has become a top holiday destination for many tourists due to the unique and enjoyable nature of the tour. All you food lovers, this is a special call out for you to join the tour and be able to enjoy the different tastings at wineries accompanied by scrumptious platter lunches as well as gourmet local products.

Foodie Heaven

Perth to Margaret River Coach Tours
Sample some of the finest wines in Australia at Margaret River

Food lovers will find themselves in foodie heaven, being able to taste various unique food items from the area as well as beer and cider as well. Visit the Mammoth cave and the Boranup Forest during this tour as well and enjoy the natural beauty which they emulate. In addition to all that, prepare yourself to be mesmerised by the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse where the Indian Ocean and the Southern Oceans meet in a striking manner.

Perth to Margaret River Coach Tours

Day 1

Start your tour early and travel south initially to the Busselton Jetty which is the second longest wooden jetty in the world. After visiting this iconic location of the Southern Hemisphere, travel further South towards the region of Margaret River. Here you will gain the opportunity to visit the local Bootleg Brewery which is a pretty popular place, where you will enjoy a platter lunch. This is a lunch to be thoroughly enjoyed, indulging in diverse local produce as well as beer tastings. The next stop will be at the Sandalford Winery, which is well renowned for premium wines and you will be getting the opportunity to have some wine tastings here.

Caves and fossils

Perth to Margaret River Coach Tours
Lake Cave in Margaret River Western Australia is home to the “suspended table” a spectacular crystal decoration weighing several tonnes that hangs from the ceiling, almost touching the waters of the lake.

This visit will be followed by a guided tour of the Mammoth Cave, a large limestone cave situated 21 km south of the town of Margaret River. The interest it holds is in the fact that extinct animal fossils had been found in this cave, and hence you will get the opportunity to explore the cave to your heart’s content during your visit.

Boranup Forest

Perth to Margaret River Coach Tours
The next area of interest in this tour would be the drive through the amazingly beautiful Boranup Forest, where you will be sure to be awestruck by the beauty of nature which will surround you. Be prepared to be amazed at the size of the Karri Trees in the forest!   Be mesmerised by the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, situated at the most South-westerly point of Australia where the Indian Ocean and the Southern Oceans meet in a strikingly blue colour and enjoy the views of the surrounding area.

Perth to Margaret River Coach Tours

Day 2

Start off the day with a Margaret River Revealed Top Drop Tour, where you will get the chance to savour some of the best Australian wines. You will gain the opportunity to have 5 guided wine tastings which would have been designed by an award winning team of experts. Once the tastings are done, you can have a tour of the vineyards and winery where you will have an insight into the process of wine making.

Wine, cheese and chocolate

You are quite right to be excited about savouring the wine pairings here with chocolate, local cheeses, and other diverse flavours and enjoy the effects they create. Relish an exclusive winery lunch platter and also have the opportunity to take part in a blind test for wine where you can find out if you really are as knowledgeable about good wine choices as you think you are!

Full Day Perth to Margaret River Coach Tour

This full day exploration of the city of Margaret River commences from Perth, where you will travel south, driving through the countryside, passing lots of farmland. There is a good opportunity here to appreciate the beauty of grazing cattle and the small coastal towns which portray nature at its best on the drive towards Margaret River.

Busselton Jetty

Perth to Margaret River Coach Tours
You will arrive at the gateway to the Margaret River region, the Busselton Jetty which is iconic in itself, being well known in the area as the longest timber jetty within the southern hemisphere. The jetty, extending up to 1.8 kilometres across the Geographe Bay, is a sight not to be missed, so don’t forget to capture your memories at this impressive locality.

Margaret River Brewery

You will then reach the heart of the Margaret River region, and visit one of the oldest breweries of the area where you get to savour a fantastic lunch platter of the gourmet local produce in the area. You will also gain the ability to enjoy complimentary beer tastings and cider tastings here.

Margaret River Winery

Travel further south after this amazing lunch towards an internationally known fine winery where you will gain the opportunity to taste some of the finest wines you will ever taste. These are award winning wines, hence you can savour the high quality of these wines immensely. While visiting this renowned winery, you will also be able to gain a certain amount of knowledge of the wine production process and the industry of producing good quality wines. Don’t forget to purchase some good wines to take back home with you as well!

Mammoth Cave

Then visit the massive Mammoth Cave, where you can have a guided tour within this gothic limestone cave and the many vast chambers within it, observing the amazing formations it presents. During the tour you can get to know some fascinating information which you probably never knew about the flora and fauna growing within the cave’s chambers and also about the fact that extinct animal fossils have been found previously within the Mammoth Cave.

Boranup Forest

This tour will take you further towards the south region, where you will travel through the striking Boranup Forest which is well-known for its enormous and pale barked Karri Trees. This re-growth forest, which is essentially over 100 years old stretches on for several kilometres which provides a stunning view for travellers going through the Karri Trees, as it reaches an impressive 60 metres in height.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Perth to Margaret River Coach Tours
Passing through the forest, you will reach the most fascinating area of the tour, the ever popular marvel, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. You will surely be enthralled by observing the dividing point between the Southern Oceans and the Indian Ocean, which is a rare occurrence indeed to be able to view the place where these two oceans meet together. The lighthouse stands at an impressive 39 metres in height from the ground level and 56 metres above the sea level, shining its beacon out over the surrounding landscape for 48 kilometres.

Margaret River Township

At the end of the day after viewing all the significant locations of this region, you will be given the chance to visit the Township of Margaret River to stroll through the shops in the main streets. Enjoy some brief free time to explore the charming shops and chic cafes of the area. You will also find craft work created by locals and an array of specialty shops offering many trinkets for sale. This is the opportunity to purchase diverse souvenirs of the town and the tourists destinations you have just finished visiting and also to immerse yourself in the culture of this town for a short while prior to travelling back home.

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Perth to Margaret River Coach Tours

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