Perth Rottnest Island tour day trip

Perth Rottnest Island tour day trip

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Western Australia’s Rottnest Island Paradise

Rottnest Island, located only 19 kilometers off the coast of Perth, offers visitors a relaxed atmosphere, gorgeous scenery, and a rich cultural legacy to explore on a day excursion. Rottnest Island is a marine wonderland, with 63 of the most stunning beaches you’re likely to see anywhere, 20 beautiful bays, and several coral reefs and wrecks.

There’s much to do away from the sea, too, from meeting the world-famous Quokka to exploring the island’s fantastic bike and walking trails. Bike, boat, and Segway tours provide insightful experiences ranging from wildlife encounters to learning about Aboriginal heritage. 

Perth to Rottnest Island tour day trip getting around the Island

Bikes are the transportation choice on Rottnest Island. You can bring your own bike by ferry or you can hire one on the Island. The island is only 4.5 km wide and 11 km long making it an easy place to explore and follow a number of trails. If traversing by bike is not your style, you can journey via coaches which run daily and can take you to many secret hideaways and secluded bays in the island.

Perth to Rottnest Island tour day trip explore the waters

Water activities like snorkeling, fishing, diving, kayaking, surfing, boating, swimming, and sailing. All play a major role on the island. Heading below the surface will reveal over 135 species of beautiful, vibrant tropical fish, and 20 species of coral. There is also a graveyard of shipwrecks that are waiting to be explored. Rottnest Island is also renowned for surfing, and one of the best places to do it is Strickland bay.

Perth to Rottnest Island tour day trip fun in the Island

Rottnest is a land of endless fun. You can go for a round of mini-golf, play arcade games, jump on trampolines at the Family Fun Park or watch the latest movie releases at Picture Hall. You can even skydive from a helicopter or an airplane to the beach. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to food and drinks on the Island.

Perth to Rottnest Island tour day trip explore and experience the Island

You can explore the Island through the many walks and bike trails that go through the island. You can also explore Wadjemup Bidi that comprises of the stunning lakes, elegant coastal headlands, and natural man-made attractions. It also boasts significant environmental and cultural landmarks to experience and interpret.

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