How To Get To Perth From Sydney By Train Or Road?

The distance from Sydney to Perth is approximately 3935 km.  You can choose from among flight, train, bus or car to cover this vast distance across the continent.

Indian Pacific

One of the world’s longest and greatest train journeys, the “Indian Pacific” covers a stretch of 4352 km across Australia, from Sydney to Perth amidst picturesque landscape.  Along the journey, the landscape unfolds in a colourful fusion of the Blue Mountains to the treeless plains of the Nullarbor to the fascinating array of wildlife.

You will spend three nights in the great train, which also offers off-train sight-seeing tours during scheduled stops at Broken Hill, Adelaide and the gold-rich Kalgoorlie.  Guests have the opportunity to choose only one option out of the many off-train excursions that are listed. The train has two types of compartments, Gold class (AUS $ 2178) and Platinum (AUS $ 3890).  

Fares and Timetables

For fares and timetables of the “Indian Pacific”, refer this site:

The Distance

The driving distance by road between Sydney to Perth is 3935 km, which can be covered in 424h 50m.  Therefore, another option to cover this vast distance is to combine part-travel by bus with part-travel by train.  You can book a bus from Central Station, Sydney up to Adelaide Parklands.

Greyhound Australia

Greyhound Australia and Firefly Express bus companies cover the distance for a cost of AUS $ 51 – AUS $ 189.  From Albury to Franklin Street, the journey is covered by V-Line for a cost of AUS $ 78 – AUS $ 118.

After a short transfer to Anzac Highway – South East Side by Adelaide Metro for approximately AUS $ 3, the last leg of the journey is covered by the “Indian Pacific” that operates once a week.  The train journey, with the duration of 18h 50m, will cost between AUS $ 945 – AUS $ 1654.


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