Perth to Broome bus tour

The Perth to Broome bus tour is stretched over many days, depending on the tour, to cover many cities with idyllic beauty, rich bio-diversity of marine and wildlife and amazing geographical features.

Perth to Northbrook

In the first leg of the journey, you will cover the amazing Pinnacles Desert, one of Australia’s unique and fascinating geological features located within the Nambung National Park.  Thousands of tall limestone protrusions that make up the Pinnacles desert have been formed over millions of years.
After lunch and a quick stop at Geraldton the tour group settles at Northbrook for the night.

Northbrook to Shark Bay

The tour will pass through the Kalbarri National Park, one of Australia’s awe-inspiring corners.  The Z Bend trail and the swim down below in the Murchison River will take up most of the day. The tour further stretches to a visit to the other-worldly looking Shell Beach made of tiny sea shells.

Shark Bay to Coral Bay

The morning begins by meeting the Monkey Mia bottlenose dolphins, hand-feeding them or taking ptohotographs with them.  Monkey Mia is a popular tourist destination in the UNESCO-listed Shark Bay area. Despite its name, the main attraction is the bottlenose dolphins that frequent the shores in the hopes of being hand fed by humans.
The tour will also visit the Stromatolites which are living fossils formed from microbes.

Perth to Broome Bus Tour: Coral Bay

The Ningaloo region inclusive of Coral Bay is the eco-adventure capital of Western Australia.  The World Heritage listed Ningaloo coast, is an unforgettable part of Australia as it has extraordinary experiences for you!

Have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of swimming alongside the world’s biggest fish, the whale shark.  Or, scuba dive to enter the multi-colored undersea coral world. Or swim with the magical Manta Rays and if not, check out the shark nursery.


This stretch of the journey will lead you to explore the Cape National Park, Turquoise Bay, Vlamingh Head Lighthouse and the Milyearning Visitors Centre.

Exmouth to Karijini National Park / Port Hedland

This stretch of the journey will cover the Karijini National Park which is the second largest national park in Western Australia.  The 2.5 billion years of evolution and 40,000 years of culture will simply leave you in awe and wonder!
Amazing gorges, rock pools and waterfalls will engrave your stay in this part of the world as a beautiful picture in your mind, never to fade away!  The tour adjourns for the night at the award-winning Karijini Eco Retreat in Eco Safari Tents.

Port Hedland to Broome

The final leg of the journey is dedicated to capturing stunning photos at the 80 Mile Beach.  Finally, you arrive at Broom, a hot spot for holidaymakers as it boasts of a vibrant coastal landscape, fascinating history, and diverse culture.
Welcome to Broome, the pearling and tourist town in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.
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