Perth to Broome by campervan

Perth to Broome by campervan

Perth to Broome by campervan you will see red rocks and blue seas

Perth to Broome by campervan
Although Perth by itself is an interesting city to explore it is important that you are not confined to its borders, for plenty more surprises wait when you travel up the west coast. For those expecting a similar picture to that seen in the east coast, prepare to have your mind blown; for this part of the country is less about urbanization and more about natures finest art work.

Forget City Life

Here red rocks adorn white sands and golden deserts fuse with blue seas; when it comes to unique landscapes the west coast has no parallels.

Perth to Broome by campervan travel 3000 lilometers

If you are already fascinated by what the west coast has in store, why not hire a campervan to take you from Perth all the way up to Broome. That’s right, this trip is around 3000 kilometers of pure unedited goodness where you get to experience and enjoy some of Australia’s most raw landscape.

Perth to Broome by campervan is a adventure of a lifetime

Perth to Broome by campervan
The trip as a whole is an adventure and if you take the right route you will witness some amazing attractions along the way. Of course the treasures that lie in Broome needs no introduction, but if you want to do justice to your entire journey, it is the other places like the Pinnacles, Ningaloo Reef, the Karijini and Port Hedland that must be included in your itinerary.

Perth to Broome by campervan see waterfalls and massive kangaroos

Perth to Broome by campervan
These stop-over’s may not enjoy as much fame as Broome but it is nevertheless a treasure-trove of  astounding attractions. So don’t miss out on interacting with the emus at the Pinnacles or the breathtaking gorges, waterfalls and massive kangaroos found at the Karijini National Park. Better yet, stop and watch the whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef or bask in the unique scenery of Port Hedland.

Perth to Broome by campervan a rugged adventure

This trip is a rugged adventure that is all the more fun when experienced on a campervan. Now you can stop at your favorite places and call it your home for the day.

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