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The Adrenaline Junkie’s Guide to Travelling from Perth to Broome

The trip from Perth to Broome that covers some spectacular sites is one that is ideal for adventurous travellers. The journey offers supreme delight to those who like to put their bold spirits to the test. The article includes some tips and suggestions that will help hardcore adrenaline junkies enjoy this sensational tour to the fullest.

Be prepared to spend a few nights in camps

You will often have to sleep in tents during the cold hours of the night so come prepared! The facilities indeed will be quite basic but the true wandering souls will absolutely love this rugged experience. After all, retiring to rest in the crude shelter of a tent while a canopy of a million stars stretches alluringly above the vast landscape is indeed surreal!

Pack wisely

While travelling from Perth to Broome you will get to explore the iconic Karijini National Park. The hiking trails here require some skill to conquer so do bring along comfortable shoes. You will also have to pack clothes that are made from breathable fabric to beat the heat of the region. The nights can often get rather chilly so pack some additional layers of clothing too.

Bring along sunscreen

You will be spending most of your time outdoors so bring your sunscreen so that you will be protected from the harmful rays of the Australian sun.

Stay hydrated

The rugged terrains that you will explore during this adventurous tour can be incredibly hot! You will have to drink plenty of water during the trip to stay well hydrated.

Have fun!

Yes the trip will often make you rather uncomfortable. The facilities of the campsites will be rather simple. Some days you will be seated in your vehicle for several hours, driving along seemingly endless stretches of the desert. But do remember to have fun through it all because it is an experience that will help you truly connect with nature and observe the glory of a few of Australia’s spectacular attractions!
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