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Dangerous fish in Western Australia

Australia is known for its dangerous fauna, which ranges from blue-ringed octopus, sharks, marine stingers, stingrays to land-based snakes, scorpions, and centipedes. Let us take a closer look at some dangerous fish that are in Western Australia.

  • Poisonous fish

There are mainly two types of poisonous fish. One is poisonous to eat while the other stings. Fish that consist of venom barbs include the lionfish, stonefish, spine foot, and flathead and catfish to a lesser extent.

Poisonous fish that should not be eaten include the toadfish, nontoxic fish that accumulate poison in their bodies as they get older from eating habits, like the ciguatera. These type of fish also include the china man and red bass.

Perth to Broome tours dangerous fish you can find Lionfish

These are the best known of the scorpion fish in Australia. They are able to grow up to 35 cm and have feathery fins and stripes and are found in subtropical as well as tropical waters. They consist of venomous spines and are aggressive and can cause extremely painful stings. The stings are not normally fatal but can cause vomiting, headaches, paralysis, seizures, and breathing problems.

Perth to Broome tours dangerous fish be careful near Stonefish

There are two species of stonefish that occur in Australia and mainly in the tropics. The venom of these fish are potent and can be fatal. They are excellent at camouflage and are masters at ambushing predators. They can grow to up to 35 cm and will rarely swim away if disturbed. They are able to erect venomous dorsal spines and these are strong enough to pierce through rubber sole shoes. Medical attention should be sought immediately.

Perth to Broome tours dangerous fish be careful near Sharks

People fear sharks. Sharks are efficient predators and it is not a good idea to be in the waters with them if they are excited or agitated. Although the species that are dangerous are a small percentage you should always be aware of the dangers.

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