Perth to Broome tours, explore the Kimberley’s

Explore the Kimberley’s

There are actually less than 40,000 people who call Kimberley their home but don’t let this number deceive you. For Kimberley in size is actually 3 times larger than England and occupies the northwestern corner of Australia in its entirety! Covering such an astronomic area, imagine all the treasures this region has in store!

Perth to Broome tours, explore the Kimberley’sWilderness

If you are a nature lover of any sort, this here is your paradise. Being one of the world’s most extensive wilderness frontiers, in Kimberley, you find beautiful wildlife, majestic canyons, interesting freshwater swimming holes and a whole lot of outback stations.

Perth to Broome tours, explore the Kimberley’s off-road

For all those off-road adventure Junkies out there, the Kimberley is one of the best regions to explore. Kimberley can be accessed via Broome which is actually the outback beach town of the area. You could either fly into Broome or take a road trip up here from Perth.

Perth to Broome tours, explore the Kimberley’s remoteness

Owing to the space that it occupies, there is a sense of remoteness attached to this region. However, despite this fact, there are plenty of excellent accommodations options, great food and some fantastic locals who have a reputation for making their guests feel at home.

Perth to Broome tours, explore the Kimberley’sthe attractions are endless

When exploring Kimberley the list of amazing attractions is rather exhaustive. However, 3 main highlights nevertheless must not be missed.

Helecopter ride

Firstly take a helicopter ride over the breathtaking gorge. If you want to take in all the beauty of Kimberley in a single adventure, this is what you should be doing.

Freshwater swim

Secondly don’t take that swim in the freshwater hole lightly. Delve in, and you will realize that this swim is unlike any that you would have ever had before!

Stay at the wilderness park

Finally, be a part of nature. Stay at a wilderness park and enjoy the company of the wild. This experience is rejuvenating, to say the least.

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