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Perth to Esperance Tour. What about Esperance?

Esperance is one of the towns situated on the south coast of Western Australia. Its urban population is around 13,000. As it is situated on the coastal area, it is famous for beaches around it. Some of the beaches are calm Blue Haven, West Beach, Lucky Bay, heathlands and wildflowers. Esperance experiences a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. The climate may vary.

Things to do in Esperance

Esperance is a good travelling destination as it comprises of beautiful beaches. Tourists are attracted to it because of the things to do in Esperance. Some of the famous things to do in Esperance are visit WA’s Stonehenge and climb to the Summit of Frenchman Peak. In addition, meet the Kangaroos at Lucky Bay and explore Cape Le Grand National Park mustn’t be missed.


Stonehenge is the one and only full-size replica of the original Stonehenge in the UK. Which was built by using 137 slabs of Esperance pink Granite and to align with the summer and winter solstices in Esperance in December and June respectively. These stones are visible from the road. The Stonehenge can be found within 15 minutes from the Esperance town center.

The Summit of Frenchman Peak

Which is situated within the Cape Le Grand National Park. The Summit of Frenchman Peak is 262 meters high and takes around one hour to climb. The path is made of wooden boardwalks, gravel and smooth granite rock. The Summit of Frenchman Peak is not easy to climb. It is always advisable to check a walk trail guide before going. This is an adventurous travelling destination for foreigners. 

Kangaroos at Lucky Bay

Lucky Bay is one of the most iconic beaches in Australia. Which is also one of the most stunning white sandy beaches in Esperance. Lucky Bay stretches up to 5 km and is a calm, sheltered spot to swim, fish, or even to camp. This area is also famous because tourists can see Kangaroos lying on the grass and sand. Kangaroos look relaxed, but they are wild animals. Their behavior might be unpredictable.  

Perth to Esperance tour

See the abundant wildlife and marine, explore some of the best beaches in the world and taste wines, craft beers and local food. Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway or something more adventurous, the southwest of WA has something for everyone, let’s escape on your trip from Perth to Esperance.

Perth to Esperance tour first stop Eagle Bay

Eagle Bay is a coastal city just minutes by car from Dunsborough and Yallingup and a three-hour drive from the City of Perth. However, be prepared to add more time to your schedule to attend the stops along the way.

Visit Coastal Hotspot on the Perth to Esperance tour

This route will take you through other coastal hot spots such as Binningup, Bunbury and Busselton. Once you arrive in Eagle Bay, there are plenty of local products to enjoy and landscapes to enjoy such as Bunbury Dolphin Center, Busselton Jetty, Dunsborough, Eagle Bay Brewery and Meelup beach.

Perth to Esperance tour head from Eagle Bay to Margaret River

Follow the coast through Gracetown to the surf and gourmet escape of Margaret River Western Australia. Think of rolling vineyards, lush forests, walking trails and some of the best places to surf in the country. The day’s adventures in downtown Margaret River include bustling shops, cafes and boutique galleries.
At night, the city comes alive with a different scene of food, wine bars, and live music. Some of the highlights to consider are the cliffs of the Wilyabrup Sea, Grace Town Beach, the wine estate and the historic pier of Hamelin Bay.

Perth to Esperance tour, go from Margaret River to Pemberton

Drive inland through the Vasse Highway to Pemberton to discover the city’s wood heritage and experience enchanting landscapes. The region is famous for its enchanting forests with Karri trees of more than 300 years. Fun fact: these trees were used as fire lookouts in the 1930s. You can extend this stretch of the road trip by venturing inland from Pemberton to explore Diamond Tree, Manjimup, the waterfalls, Yeagerup, and the Karri forests.

Perth to Esperance tour visit Pemberton and then visit the forest at Walpole

Head back to the coast to Walpole from Pemberton, strolling through the woods and exploring wildlife trails along the way. Walpole is a tourist and local attraction famous for its beaches, rivers and waterways, diversity of wilderness areas and scenic routes.
Be sure to enjoy the local food, vineyards, and breweries as well. The principal places to visit are the Walpole-Nornalup National Park, the Fernhook Falls, the Circular Pool, and the Tingle Giant Tree.

Perth to Esperance tour move onto

then Albany

This route takes you back to the coast in Albany, the first settlement site in Western Australia. The walks have many visitors in this area as well as the gourmet food and the trails of the wineries. Discover the maritime history of Albany, visit local museums or take a short drive to Frenchman Bay to explore the old whaling station. Some beautiful places to visit are the ANZAC National Center, Discovery Bay, and the Torndirrup National Park.

Perth to Esperance tour stop at Albany rest and move onto  Hopetoun

The longest route along the route follows the outskirts of the Fitzgerald River National Park to Ravensthorpe before reaching Hopetoun. Be sure to leave early for this. Exit Albany through the Porongurup National Park along Chester Pass Road. This unit is a favorite for lovers of native flora, with 750 species of native plants found in the area.
Wildflower enthusiasts are encouraged to visit Ravensthorpe in September for the flower show. Do not miss the Granite Sky Walk, Archer Drive Lookout, Fitzgerald National Park, and the Southern Ocean Road.

Perth to Esperance tour and finally Hopetoun to Esperance

Esperance is a refuge for virgin beaches and extensive national parks. When you get there, the best way to explore is with a 4WD, since many of the beaches are open to drivers with designated 4WD tracks that meander through the National Parks.
Here, you can also watch Australia’s whitest beach sand in Lucky Bay, possibly Esperance’s biggest draw. Other sites to look at would be Lake Rosa, the Esperance Museum and Stonehenge
Driving from Perth through southwestern Washington is relatively simple. However, if you want to explore, it is easy to stay more than one night at the scales listed in our itinerary.
Although the times mentioned above are accurate according to Google Maps, this road trip may take days or weeks, depending on how long you choose to stay in one place or stay away from other adventures. After all, it’s often the stops along the

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