Perth to Exmouth Bus Tour

Perth to Exmouth Bus Tour

Australia’s West Coast has just as much to offer and if you’ve come to Australia’s west coast to explore, Perth to Exmouth Bus. Tour The best thing about travelling along this coastal region of WA is that every month there’s another amazing natural wonder happening. From the Whale Shark season, to turtle hatching or perhaps you want to experience Skeleton Beach when thousands of baby reef sharks congregate in the natural shark nursery. Whatever time of year you make the trip, be prepared to be amazed.


Perth to Exmouth Bus Tour. Famous for its epic sand dunes, Lancelin is a great place to hop off while making your way up the West Coast. With stunning beaches, you’ll get your first taste of WA’s unspoiled coastline, and you can also get in on some action by sand boarding down the dunes.

Day trip to Lancelin


The scenery very much changes as you approach Kalbarri National Park. Gone are the sensible sands of Lancelin and in their place great rock faces loom in front of you. Kalbarri is where you’ll find ancient gorges and waterways to enjoy kayaking down the Z-bend or take a famous tourist snap at ‘Nature’s Window’ – a naturally formed rock that frames the landscape beyond.

Nature's Window at Kalbarri
Nature’s Window, Kalbarri

Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia is a must on your journey up the coast. A tropical resort awaits you with plenty of accommodation and activities on offer . One you can’t miss is meeting the world famous Monkey Mia dolphins. These dolphins have been swimming into the shallows for years, so if you’re a fan of these playful marine mammals then join in the fun and get right up close to these wild dolphins.

Shark Bay

For a real taste of WA’s beach bum lifestyle, Shark Bay is the perfect hop off on your journey to Exmouth and is a great place to enjoy a spot of sea kayaking. If activities really are your thing then you can also get in on the action with windsurfing and kiteboarding. Shark Bay is also where you’ll find rusty-red sand dunes juxtaposed with pristine white sand on the beaches, perfect for a photo opportunity.

Shark Bay

Ningaloo Reef

As you reach the northern end of your journey up the WA Coast you’ll be in the perfect territory to encounter the West’s answer to the Great Barrier Reef – the Ningaloo Reef. Snorkelling and scuba diving are a must here and Coral Bay and Exmouth offer the perfect launchpad to explore the Reef. Visit from late March to early September and you’ll also have the chance to see the Whale shark’s as they migrate past the West Coast of Australia.

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