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Large fish in Western Australia 

Fish in Western Australia Identification guide

The fish population has had millions of years to adapt and evolve into the aquatic environment that is massive. As Australia is an isolated island continent, it is likely you will find many species of fish. Species such as black marlin and tuna are most likely to be seen as they are abundant and grow larger here.

Perth to Exmouth tour Go fishing for Barramundi

These giants generally live in the fresh water as well as the seawater and can be found in the Kimberly region in Western Australia, Northern Territory, and the north of Queensland. They can grow to a length of 1.4 meters and weigh 40 kilos.

Perth to Exmouth tour Go fishing for Blue, black and striped marlin

Large numbers of striped, blue, and black marlin will follow baitfish schools in the warmer summer months especially in the months of February and March. It provides an exceptional background for game fishing.

Perth to Exmouth tour Go fishing for Mackerel

The narrow-barred Spanish mackerel is closely related to the king mackerel. These sharp tooth predators are a prized catch, especially in the mid coast of Western Australia. These fish can be caught all year but often best in the dry season months or cooler winter.

Perth to Exmouth tour Go fishing for Yellowtail King Fish

Yellowtail fish is incredible and known for their stamina and power and are seasonally abundant in the Australian waters. It is particularly abundant in the southern coast of Western Australia.

Perth to Exmouth tour Go fishing for Snapper and southern reef fish

The Australian squire fish and pink snapper are a prized catch in the southern parts of Australia. It is also a prized table fish that is rich with delicious white meat. It shares its waters with queen snapper, bight redfish, blue wong, and the West Australian dhufish.

King George Whiting

Finally, there are the members of the Silago genus and better known as whiting, they are sought for their tasty flesh and are challenging to be hooked to a fine tackle. In the shallow water of the southwestern Australian coast lurk the giants of the Whiting clan known as King George. King George or “KG” is a special fish that are attracted by international followers.  March and April are the best times to catch the KG.

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