Perth to Fremantle day trip

Perth to Fremantle day trip

Fremantle is only a half hour train ride and it’s is called as “Freo” by the locals. It is an old port city that comprises of colonial architecture, cafes, bars, quirky shops, rich with history, and a spectacular seafront.

Perth to Fremantle day trip Fremantle Prison

Fremantle prison is located on the town’s highest hill. You should definitely visit the Fremantle prison as it is a World Heritage site and built by convict labor.  The prison was built by its own convicts. You can experience the facility through guided tours and learn about the cruelty, history, and even the escapes that happened through the prison’s occupation. 

Perth to Fremantle day trip Roundhouse

The Roundhouse is the oldest public structure that stands in Western Australia. It was the convict prison before Fremantle Prison was built.

Perth to Fremantle day trip visit the Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum of Western Australia is full of historical exhibits on maritime ships, submarines, archaeology, history, and traveling exhibits.

Perth to Fremantle day trip visit the Micro-Breweries

Fremantle is the home of handcrafted beer. The brew house also offers beery bites in a family friendly and lively atmosphere. You can also feast on fresh seafood at the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbor. It has been in operation from the 1900s.

Perth to Fremantle day trip experience the Indian Ocean

You can enjoy a walk along the harbor that will offer spectacular views that are complete with information plaques. It is a great place to take photos and watch the world go by. Leighton Beach and Port beach are local favorites for its white sand, snorkeling, and swimming area. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are also a popular attraction when the breeze of the afternoon picks up.

Perth to Fremantle day trip go shopping and relax in the cafes

The town is made up of incredible architecture, pubs, cafes, bookshops, that are found all over the town. Fremantle is also filled with a maze of streets that are filled with Victorian and Georgian architecture which you can wander and explore.

What’s on in Fremantle

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