Perth to Karijini

Driving from Perth to Karijini is not one for the faint-hearted. If you’re up for an adventure and want to make the most of your travels around WA then we highly suggest making this 16-hour trip. Gather your best pals, stock up on snacks, get an awesome playlist on the go and head out on this adventure.

Perth to Kalbarri

This six-hour stretch is filled with amazing sights such as The Pinnacles, Cervantes and Lake Thetis where you can view the oldest living fossils in the world. It’s the perfect place to get out and stretch your legs until you get to Kalbarri.

The Pinnacles and Cervantes

The Pinnacles are large spires of rock which are millions of years old, located near Cervantes and the town itself is a quaint little place to soak up some history. Before leaving, check in at Lake Thetis to see the stromatolites – dating back 3.5 billion years.


Kalbarri itself is home to dolphins and humpback whales which can be seen just off the coast between the months of June and November. You should also check out the national park and have a go at one of the many hiking trails through here. The most popular is Natures Window which is the only 800km – so it’s a fairly easy and short route.

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a wonderful place and it’s recommended that you spend a bit more time here in order to experience everything. While you’re here, people always recommend driving to Exmouth. It’s slightly out of the way – but when you’re on an epic road trip like this, what’s a few extra hours?


There’s not much between Coral Bay and your final stop, so be prepared to spend a bit more time in the car. Once there though, there are some amazing places locally and slightly further afield.

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