Ten pubs in Perth Northbridge and Subiaco

Northbridge and Subiaco are major nightlife hubs of Perth. Your western Australian adventure is not complete without a visit to a pub in Northbridge or Subiaco. There are a large array of pubs to choose from. So grab a drink, or spend the night, at these amazing pubs in Perth Northbridge and Subiaco to experience the best of Australian hospitality.

The Best Pubs in Northbridge and Subiaco

1. Northbridge Brewing Company

Northbridge Brewing Company is Perth’s largest and greatest brewery bar located in the heart of North Bridge.

Web link: https://northbridgebrewingco.com.au/

2. Frisk

Frisk is a venue that is intimate, relaxed, and low keyed and if you are a fan of gin, this is the place for you.

Web link: www.frisksmallbar.com.au

3. Brass Monkey Motel

Brass Monkey Motel is one of Northbridge’s favorite with beverages and great food and much more.

Web link: www.thefork.com.au

4. Pubs in Northbridge and Subiaco: Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound is located in William Lane and is one of Perth’s leading small bars that serve cocktails, wine, beer, and food.

Web link: https://www.ezrapound.com.au/

5. The Standard

The Standard is a restaurant located in Western Australia that is bright, light, and breezy with fantastic food.

Web Link: www.thestandardperth.com.au

6. Mint Night Club

Mint Night Club is situated in Northbridge and is special with retro-themed Friday and Saturday in an old-school but vibrant nightclub that has two bars.

Web link: https://www.mintnightclub.com/

7. The Village Bar

The village bar is the ideal place for a meal and a drink or two. It has a huge contemporary space with a fireplace and can be used to throw in a party when the time is right.

Web link: www.thevillagebar.com.au

8. Subiaco Hotel

Subiaco Hotel is an iconic bar and restaurant located in Perth that is nestled in the heart of Subiaco.

Web link: www.subiacohotel.com.au

9. Bistro Felix

Bistro Felix is a restaurant and wine bar located in the heart of Subiaco that focuses on modern European dining.

Web link: www.bistrofelix.com.au

10. BARK Subiaco

BARK Subiaco is a small bar that is super friendly and offers tasty cocktails and western Australian craft beers.

Web link: www. barksubiaco.com.au

So, if you want to enjoy the essence of Australian hospitality, be sure to check out the fantastic pubs in Perth, Northbridge, and Subiaco

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