Reasons to Become an Australian Citizen

Many migrants apply for visas to live in Australia, but with certain visa restrictions in place, many find themselves returning to their country of origin after their visa term is up. This can be very unsettling for migrants who have made a home for themselves in Australia. Perhaps they’ve made lifelong friends, met a partner, got their children settled into school, or found the job of their dreams. Having to leave that all behind can be very distressing. However, by becoming an Australian Citizen, migrants can keep their Aussie lifestyle going for the foreseeable future.

Become an Australian Citizen

We take a look at the top reasons to become an Australian Citizen…

Visa Free Travel

By becoming an Australian Citizen you can enjoy visa free travel to 170 countries. This means you can enjoy visa on arrival, rather than applying in advance. It also means you can avoid long queues and go through Australia’s smart gates when re-entering the country.

The Right to Vote

When you become an Australian Citizen you gain the right to vote in local and Government elections to help shape the Australia you live in!

Consular Help When Abroad

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. If you’re abroad and suffer any injuries, accidents or mishaps the Australian Embassy will be able to assist you with the below:

  • Issue replacement passports (for a fee)
  • Provide support if you are in an accident, or become seriously unwell.
  • Provide support if you are the victim of a crime or assault.
  • Provide legal aid and interpreters.
  • Provide emergency loans in exceptional circumstances.

Your Children Become Australian Citizens

If you become an Australian Citizen, your children will become Australian Citizens. Did you know, Permanent Residents also pay lower fees for university than international students. By becoming an Australian Citizen you can apply for HECS-HELP through the Government’s Study Assist program on behalf of your children to assist with student income support or scholarships.

The Right to Live in New Zealand too!

When you become an Australian Citizen, you also gan the right to live anywhere in New Zealand. This is due to the neighbourly agreement between Australia and New Zealand. So becoming an Australian Citizen could even give you a Kiwi Lifestyle.

Applying for Australian Citizenship

To be able to apply for Australian Citizenship you will need to find out if you are eligible under the current legislation. This is set to change on 1st July 2018.
The next step is to speak to a Registered Migration Agent who will be able to help you with the process of applying for Australian Citizenship.

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