Rooftop bars in Perth

Rooftop bars in Perth. What could be better than relaxing with a margarita on a summer evening with friends? Here is a list of rooftop bars in Perth to do so in front of gorgeous views.

Rooftop bars in Perth

  • Prince Lane
  • Tiki as FK
  • Bob’s Bar
  • The Aviary
  • Hadiqa
  • Mechanics Institute

Prince Lane

Tucked away in Murray Street, Prince Lane is a sophisticated bar, complete with beautiful décor, a sweeping view and a good selection of food and of course drinks. You will have to climb a lot of stairs to get to the rooftop but the ambience is worth the effort.  Prince Lane is probably one of the best rooftop bars in Perth.

Tiki as FK

The rooftop area at Tiki as FK is rather small but the cocktails are pretty good and the décor is unique. It feels a little bit like a tropical island out of nowhere. Try their grilled meat on skewers with your favourite beverage.

Bob’s Bar

Located in the business district of Perth, Bob’s bar is ideal to wind down after a stressful day at work. They’ve got a good selection of craft beer. You can chomp down cheesy burgers, crunchy fries and chicken wings with your beer.

The Aviary

The Aviary sits above the underground train station in Perth and it is one of the largest bars in the entire city. It is definitely a bar with a view.


A new entrant to Perth’s rooftop bar selection, Hadiqa is a Middle Eastern inspired rooftop bar. Hadiqa is the Arabic word for garden.  The bar offers Mediterranean dishes along with a good selection of cocktails, wine and craft beer. The rooftop is an intimate place with a stunning view of the cityscape.

Mechanics Institute

Located in Northbridge, Mechanics Institute is a great hangout for friends.  You can devour cheesy flipside burgers along with your beer at this split-level bar. Don’t forget to take a few friends along. Rooftop bars in Perth.

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