Shipping Your Belongings To Australia Checklist

Shipping Your Belongings To Australia Checklist

Immigrating to Australia can seem like a vast task, but with plenty of preparation there are relatively stress free ways to make the move downunder getting you ready for your new Aussie lifestyle.

Read our Australia shipping checklist below and start making your move to Australia today:

1. Only ship things you really need

Only ship things you really need and or want. Remember, it’s not like they don’t have shops in Australia!

2. Ship only the expensive things 

Only ship things that are going to be really expensive to buy again such as heavy duty furniture – although they do have sites such as Gumtree, Ebay and IKEA if need be! But weigh up the costs before as it may end up being cheaper to use a shipping company.

3. Don’t go mad on bringing electricals

The outputs and of course plugs will all be different if you’re moving from the UK to Australia so those are things you may want to buy in Australia.

4. Shop personal items 

Ship personal items such as photographs, artwork etc. these are obviously things you can’t simply buy and replace.

Remember the following points as well:

  • Which leads us on to buying insurance cover for loss or damage of your belongings whilst they are in transit. You may want to consider wearing any jeweler on your person or packing it in your suitcase or day bag on the plane.
  • Pick a reputable shipping company such as Seven Seas Worldwide or PSS. They are experienced companies who also do door to door service – again this really eliminates stress out of the equation of immigrating to Australia.
  • Check if the freight company you are using also offer a packing and unpacking service. Again, it may help make the move that little bit easier and leave you more time to get other things sorted.
  • Make sure you pack all items you are shipping securely before they make the journey. You do not want to unpack items to find they have been broken in the process. Therefore, invest in that bubble wrap and tape ahead of time!
  • Label all boxes or bags before they get shipped so you can locate things quickly ahead of time.
  • Shipping Your Belongings To Australia Checklist: Check on the ACBPS website to make sure everything you are intending on shipping is allowed in. Again you don’t want your items to arrive only to be banned.

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