Skilled Migration From Scotland to Australia

Skilled Migration From Scotland to Australia

Australia is one of a popular country to which many Scottish people migrate to. There are many reasons why Australia is an amazing country to live in. The country has mild climatic conditions that do not change drastically, as opposed to Scotland, with varying climatic conditions throughout the year.

The country provides equal opportunity to all who have the relevant qualifications and skills. Australia is a mix-cultured society with Asians, and Europeans living in regions and cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth. The country gives prominence to gender equality including the LGBT community and family values.

With English being the native language in Scotland, Scottish people applying for Australian migration don’t have to sit for the English language proficiency test.

Here are some of professions in demand in Australia and what you need to get through it all.

Healthcare Professionals

Health care workers in Scotland wanting to migrate to Australia need to prove their ability through qualifications like a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. The number of years of experience also increases your chances of obtaining visa. Experience of over 5 years gives you more chances of being selected from the pool of eligible applicants.

Hospitality Sector Staff

Hospitality workers in Scotland needed in Australia must have completed a degree in hotel management and hospitality administration to be eligible to apply for skilled migration. Experience in the hospitality industry also counts and the higher the number of years of experience, the more are your chances of getting selected. A minimum of 5 years is highly recommended to increase your chances.


Nursing jobs in Australia for Scottish people require a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from a recognized university. Apart from these, you also need to have at least 5 years of experience in nursing to increase your chances of being selected for skilled visa.

Trade Experts, Plumbers, Carpenters, and Electricians

Australia requires all formally trained trade experts, plumbers, carpenter and electricians, to complete a Trade Skills Assessment apart from having internationally-recognized college qualifications. This assessment proves your ability to display expertise in the relevant trade fields.

IELTS Requirements

IELTS is not required for Scottish people to migrate to Australia, as English is the mother tongue in Scotland.

Other Requirements

You are required to obtain official service description letters from your former employers proving your skills and abilities in the relevant field of work. Once you go along the migration process, other documents like police check reports and medical certificates will be required according to circumstances.

Skilled Migration From Scotland to Australia


Overall, the Australia skilled migration process is quite seamless if you know what you are in for. If you have the relevant qualifications, skills, and experience along with the above specifications, you are well on your way to obtaining visa. 

If you are unsure of the process or need any assistance, you can always consult an Australian visa immigration agent. It will make the entire process seem much easier to you if you find I overwhelming. Moreover, with their experience, migration agents know the ins and outs of obtaining skilled visa and their advice could prove to be invaluable to you. 

Get in touch with a reputed Australia skilled migration agent today and make you dreams of living in Australia come true.