Skilled visa for Australia

Due to the developed infrastructure and the standard of living, Australia is one of the top destinations for immigration. Hence, a massive number of people are applying for various types of visas annually. As the job opportunities in Australia are high and the salary is high, many people are motivated to immigrate to Australia for work. In this process, a skilled visa is the preferred choice of many skilled people to migrate to Australia. A skilled visa allows skilled people to live and work in Australia.

Types of skilled visa migration

There are 4 various types of skilled visa migration in Australia.

  • Points Based Skilled Migration – a system in which the applicant is subjected to a test based on points which are based on the skills. In this process, factors like age (must be less than 45), English language (ability in English language at least at a competent level), applied occupation (the occupation must be in the medium and long-term strategic skills list, skills assessment (possession of the skills needed in the applied job), health assessment (a medical examination conducted by a panel of doctors) and a character assessment are considered.
  • Permanent Employer Sponsored Program – a program in which employers in Australia nominate workers from foreign countries in order to fill up the vacancies the employer has. The nominated candidate can migrate to Australia easily when the standard procedures are completed.
  • Business Innovation & Investment Program – a program which allows skilled entrepreneurs to migrate to Australia. In this process, having a reputable history in business and innovation is a must.
  • Distinguished Talent – a program which allows distinguished individuals the migration to Australia. In this process, individuals who possess unique sets of skills and who are internationally recognized in fields such as sports, art, and music are given consideration.



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