Sri Lankan Students in Australian Universities

Sri Lankan Students in Australian Universities

Australia is a popular destination for students from Sri Lanka.

In fact, Australia holds the biggest expat community of Sri Lankans outside of Sri Lanka with the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) reporting that there are 50, 000+ Sri Lankans in Australia. Of these 50,000 Sri Lankans there is an ever growing population of Sri Lankan students in Australian universities.

More Sri Lankan are choosing Australia

Over the past 5 or so years the Sri Lankan student population in Australia has grown to more than 4,500 at higher education institutions in Australian.
In 2012 Austrade (Australia’s trade and development branch, launched a long term action plan alongside the Sri Lanka government to aid swift visa issuing for both Sri Lankan students wanting to study in Australia and Australian students wanting to study overseas in Sri Lanka.

Students are big industry in Australia

Annually, Australia’s higher education brings in 17 billion AUD – making it Australia’s second biggest export.
Australian degrees helpful to Sri Lankans
Sri Lankan students have reported how having a degree from an Australian University has made it easier for them to find jobs both back in Sri Lanka and in Australia – allowing them to stay living in Australia.

Sri Lankan Student Requirements for Australia

  1. Some changes have been made to the student requirements for Sri Lankans and other nationals wanting to study in Australia.
  2. The amount a student must have in the bank for their first year of study to cover tuition fees and living expenses has been lowered by up to AUD 40,000 less than previously.
  3. Students from a level 3 “high risk” nation can now apply for student visas for Australia – previously having to be from a level 5 nation.
  4. More Sri Lankan students are now being supported by both the Sri Lankan and Australian governments and higher education institutions in Australia. Higher Education Scholarships are also an option where you can find more information about on the Australian Embassy Office in Sri Lanka.

Student Visas for Sri Lanka Nationals

Should you wish to study in Australia you will require a student visa. You can find out more about applying for a student visa by speaking with a registered migration agent who will be able to assist you with the process from start to finish. Sri Lankan students holding a Bachelor’s degree are also eligible for a Post-Study Visa to legally stay in Australia longer.
Sri Lankan Students in Australian Universities
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