Study in Melbourne and Student Visas

Why is Melbourne the Ideal Study Destination for an International Student?

Melbourne best city to live and Study

Melbourne best city to live and Study
Melbourne, which is one of the best cities to live, is also one of the best cities to study. With its chain of top-class universities and student-friendly environment, it is the ideal place where your academic dream can become a reality.

Melbourne best city to live and Study

There are Six Universities in Melbourne

Why is Melbourne the Ideal City for a Student?  Because Melbourne holds the best
Victoria holds the pride of having some of the top ranking universities in the world. Six of these universities are situated in Melbourne. Therefore, it attracts the best academics and researchers from around the world, creating a vibrant academic hub with diverse research opportunities. Thus, a student can experience top quality education in Melbourne.  Because Melbourne is student-friendly.

Lifestyle and art city

Melbourne, with its range of part-time jobs especially aimed at students, and multicultural environment, creates the ideal setting for an international student to live in. QS Best Student Cities 2018 ranked Melbourne as the third best student city.  Because Melbourne is rich in art and culture

Melbourne Melticultural Cityand student friendly

Apart from the multicultural understanding naturally offered by the Melbourne environment, it also holds museums and galleries which are rich in artistic and cultural value. The National Gallery of Victoria, the Ian Potter Centre, the Melbourne Museum, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image is some of the significant museums in Melbourne.

Study in Melbourne and Student Visas

A tourist visa could be used for a course which is a maximum 12 weeks long. A Working Holiday visa allows you to follow a class which is 16 weeks long. For more extended sessions, you will need a student visa.
To apply for student visa, first select a university and a course. Once you contact the university and receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), you can apply for your visa online, with relevant documents in digital format. Pay the visa fee, get a TRN-number and do a medical checkup if required. If you follow the right steps, getting a student visa for Australia is not difficult.

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