Swan Valley Vineyards

Visitors to Swan Valley will easily make at least two to three visits to a vineyard during a holiday as the area is abundant with them. The most stunning vineyards can be experienced during early spring, when the fields boast the most impressive views along with some excellent wines. Whether you’re a first timer to the vineyard culture or a seasoned pro looking to indulge in some good old winery hopping, the following list of the best Swan Valley Wineries will help get you started.

Coward & Black

5123 West Swan Road, West Swan WA 6055
Situated right next door to the Chocolate Co. store in Margaret River, the Coward and Black, vineyard offers a unique proposition of a wine and chocolate tasting for visitors. The hot and humid summers of Margaret River along with the type of soil that the area is blessed with are a perfect combination to produce some quality wine. Founders of Coward and Black believe in order to generate some great wine emphasis should be placed on harvesting quality fruit. This thinking is perhaps what contributed towards their five medal wins at the Perth Royal Wine Show. Visitors to the Coward and Black could sample and pick up a great bottle of wine to take home with them or savour a range of chocolate liqueurs. Decisions, decisions right ?

Tyler’s Vineyard

301 Padbury Avenue, Corner of Padbury Avenue & Moore Road, Millendon, Western Australia, 605
Website is www.tylersvineyard.com.au
Facebook is www.facebook.com/tylersvineyard
Age old vines straddle the landscape of Tyler´s Vineyard which is set against the backdrop of a rural barn. This family friendly cellar door, with its endearing shed made out of tin offer the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a good glass of wine. Tyler’s Vineyard use to sell their fruit to well known wineries in the Swan Valley region, since its early days in 1996. However, they finally decided to make their own brand of wine. With great wines seeing their beginnings in vineyards, Tyler´s Grenache vines, planted many centuries ago prove this fact. Visitors get to experience not only the beautiful scenery here, but also the opportunity to have their own labels created to add on to a fantastic bottle of wine. This makes for a perfect memento to take back home or serves as a thoughtful personal gift.

Faber Vineyard

233 Haddrill Rd, Baskerville WA 6056
Established in 1997, this Swan Valley winery was coined after the word ´craft’ in Latin. Set up by a husband and wife duo, Jane Micallef and John Griffiths, the winery prides itself on grape varieties that are distinctive by region. The superior quality of grape has contributed towards the crafting of some excellent craft wines. Faber is also popular spot for hosting parties and gatherings in Swan Valley and has grown as an endearing family hangout spot.

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