Sharks tours in Western Australia

Australia’s 25,760 kilometres of coastline are home to 170 of the world’s 440 known shark species. Despite common beliefs about sharks, only a very small number of species such as the Great White Shark, Tiger Shark and Bull Shark present a threat to human lives at sea.  Some of them such as the Great White … Read more

Ningaloo Reef: The best snorkelling in Australia

BEST SNORKELLING IN AUSTRALIA OUTSIDE OF THE GREAT BARRIER REEF If there’s a snorkelling experience as good as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, then it’s probably Ningaloo. This unspoilt area of northwest Western Australia has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the diversity and abundance of its native animals and plants. It’s also … Read more

Whale Sharks Exmouth & Coral Coast

Whale Sharks Exmouth & Coral Coast Whale Sharks Exmouth & Coral Coast. The reef is less than 0.5 kilometres (0.31 mi) offshore in some areas, such as Coral Bay. In 2006, researchers from the Australian Institute of Marine Science discovered gardens of sponges in the marine park’s deeper waters that are thought to be species … Read more

Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours

Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark

Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours. Exmouth Tours Sunset Cruise Tour Coral Viewing & Snorkel Tour, Exmouth 2hrs Exclusive day fishing Charter Whale Shark Adventure Swims Exmouth 2022 & 2023 Season Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales Eco Tours GAMEX Annual Fishing Competition Whale Shark Snorkelling Adventure Tour (APR-JUL) Turtle Tour – Half Day Sea Kayak & Snorkel … Read more

Whale Shark Tours April 2024 Exmouth

Things to do in Exmouth, Book Here Unlock Massive Savings When You Book Online! Half Day Snorkel + Coral Viewing Exmouth Book Now 30min Gulf Classic Book Now Overnight Island Fishing Fishing Adventure (3-6days) Book Now Solar Eclipse Tour – Murion Islands Book Now Island Adventures (6 Days) Book Now 60 min Birds Eye View … Read more

Whale Shark Season in Exmouth

Whale Shark Season in Exmouth

Whale Shark Season in Exmouth Book your Exmouth Tours Humpback Whales Interaction Book Here Overnight Island Fishing Fishing Adventure (3-6days) Book Here Snorkel and swim with Whale Sharks – the largest fish in the world! Or sit back and enjoy the view with a glass of Champaign from our 2 story vessel. Book Here 2023 … Read more