Taking your car to Australia


Taking your car to Australia?  Here is what you need to know

Taking your car to Australia can be tricky and there are some rules and regulations to follow, there are also some costs. Here is a summary that will help you.

  • To bring your car in you will need to be in possession of a VIA (Vehicle Import Approval). A VIA is issued before you arrange to transport to Australia. Application forms and contact details and more information can be found here:
  • Taxes such as Customs Duty, Goods and Services Tax as well as Luxury Car Tax if your car is valued at more than $70,000 – for more information the Australian Taxation Office will be helpful. You will also need to secure customs clearance at your chosen port of entry. Customs import declarations can be lodged online, at physically at custom or through a licensed customs broker.  If you are a tourist or temporary resident you can bring your car into the country for 12 months with no taxes.
  • Alter your vehicle has been inspected at the port of entry you will obtain  your Quarantine clearance from The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

How much will it cost me?
Car import costs to Australia will vary and the make, model and year of the car all impact the tax paid. There are other costs to consider that include

  • Freight and Insurance
  • Customs duty
  • GST/Luxury Car tax
  • Storage and delivery fees
  • Entry administration charges
  • Wharf and transport costs
  • Quarantine cleaning costs

All these add up. There may be other costs to look out for such as modifications need to meet some state requirements such as making sure a car is right hand drive. These costs often defeat the idea of bringing a car to Australia. All the information you need can be found here www.aaa.asn.au

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