Themed Pubs in Perth

Forget mainstream pubs for a quiet night out in Perth and head down to its lesser known underground establishments.  The choices are so diverse these underground themed  pubs in Perth deserve some serious exploration. Read on for a round up of some of the city’s attic, alleyway and side street themed watering holes.

Here are the Best Themed Pubs in Perth

Whilst on your Perth to Broome Tours you can’t beat having a shindig in a themed restaurants and bars in Sydney! As it is amongst the best things to do in Sydney, be sure to get your fair share of the fun.


Located down Queen Street Caballitos is Perth’s relatively new underground Mexican themed pub. The establishment was set up by young entrepreneur Andy Freeman who has experience in the industry. Its more than just tequila and tacos at Caballitos as the drinks are all fun party drinks. From eccentric colour schemes and skulls on the bar counter and a statue of the Madonna, Freeman has really gone into the minute details of  bringing the Mexican vibe to Perth. Each Margarita is served with a mini Corona stuffed into the glass and if that’s not enough to pique your curiosity, the bar also houses a pole for dancing which is optional. Pub goers should try the Batanga which is a cocktail of Tequila, coke, lime and salt served up tall.
Address : 26 Queen St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Alfred’s Pizzeria

Decked out in a typical prohibition era styled basement, Alfred’s is a small  but clever pizzeria and bar combo that has been put together. The venue is the best place for late night pizza feed washed down with some decent beer. The wait staff is always helpful and keen to encourage bar –goers to try out their newest cocktail menu additions. This bar in Perth is well stocked with craft beers and offers a good selection of beers that are produced in Western Australia as well. The thin crust pizzas that are served at Alfred’s Pizzeria are about the best in Perth. The recommended pizzas are the margarita and the Hawaiian.
Address : 37 Barrack St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Halford Bar

Located in the heart of Perth’s Central Business District down in the State Building’s basement this little world of the 1950’s touch of elegance and charm are brought to life. The bar is active four nights a week and serves up all manner of spirits from the usual beer, wine, champagne and of course some delicious finger food. The interior of the bare features countertops dressed up with marble and seating that is made up of gorgeous velvet fabric to give it that rich feel. It almost has the feel of the famed Copacabana with its feathers and theatrical lighting. Even the washrooms have been dressed up with golden taps. Among the recommended cocktails is the ‘Life’s a Peach’ .
Address : Hay St &, Cathedral Ave, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Make sure you don’t miss out on the oddity and the banta of these themed pubs in Perth.

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