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Western Australia’s own secret hideaway is just on the Indian Ocean’s doorstep. Broome, Australia’s Kimberley region’s beach resort and pearling town, is known for sunset camel rides and wandering along dinosaur trails.

Things to do in Broome today. Broome is a town unlike any other in the world, located on a small peninsula in the Kimberley Region of North-Western Australia. The Indian Ocean meets one of the world’s last massive wildernesses here. Broome’s background as an exotic pearling town has left it with a rich history and a unique melting pot of lovely multi-cultural people.

The town is bordered by the Indian Ocean’s tropical waters, with Cable Beach’s white sands clashing with Gantheaume Point’s scarlett rocks and Roebuck Bay’s dusky beaches. Broome’s two main sections are Chinatown, which is located in the center of ancient Broome, and Cable Beach, which is home to resorts and restaurants.

How to get to Broome

Broome is serviced by twice daily direct flights from Perth year round, a three times weekly nonstop flight between Darwin and Broome, as well as seasonal direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Things to do in Broome

Among Elegant dining, fun and adventure sports, outback experiences, fishing, top notch resorts, Aboriginal culture, Broome’s world famous Cable Beach and much more, here are our top picks.

Japanese Cemetery

The pearling business wasn’t without its share of terrible stories to tell. In reality, although Broome was the site of 80 percent of the world’s mother-of-pearl discoveries before World War I, many divers perished in the ocean there.

With its row upon row of tombstones carved with Japanese writing, the cemetery reflects the incredible scope and magnitude of the situation. The Japanese Cemetery is a hauntingly remarkable attraction you must visit during your Broome tour. 

Matso’s Brewery

Visit Matso’s, which is located near Town Beach, to enjoy some local Broome beer and cuisine that has been obtained locally. Choose to sample some of the flavored beers if you’re feeling adventurous. They are available in full and half-pint sizes, as well as a sample tray that includes flavors like ginger, lemon, and even chilli!

Sunsets on Cable Beach

There is a reason why the sunsets at Cable Beach are so well-known across the world. Enjoying the sunset over the Indian Ocean from a tropical beach is a breathtaking experience that must be shared with others. While relaxing on the beach, take in the sunset while sipping on your favorite Western Australian beer. Drive your 4WD vehicle past the rocks and along the beach to find a peaceful area to watch the sunset.

Sunrises and sunsets on the beach feature the Broome tourism experience that no one can pass up. Make sure you have your camera with you to capture the magic. 

sunset at cable beach
Broome is the ideal location to take in some of the world’s most breathtaking sunset vistas. The beautiful splendor of this beach will leave a lasting memory, with 22 kilometers of white sand beach and blue ocean. Cable Beach will be the highlight of your trip to Broome as you dine, fly, ride, walk, picture, swim, and rest.

Stand Up Paddle boarding

Rental SUPs can be found all over Cable Beach. You can take them out into the calm, clear Indian Ocean. You should try stand-up paddleboarding if you have never done it before. It is a lot of fun and also really beneficial for you! If you’re looking for things to do in Broome, you should definitely give it a go.

Visit the bars and restaurants for a drink or two

You won’t have to go far to have a delicious lunch in the Cable Beach area, home to a variety of pubs and restaurants. A few popular choices are the Zookeepers Café for breakfast, Zanders and Sunset Bar and Grill for magnificent views of Cable Beach, and Divers for late-night beverages till the wee hours of the morning.

Cape Leveque

Previously, it was a difficult three-hour journey on four-wheel-drive paths to Cape Leveque. But today, the road is completely cemented, making it a pleasant day excursion from the town. Cape Leveque is a fantastic place for anyone looking to get away from it all. It has remote beaches and wild camping opportunities, making it a fantastic getaway.

To get the complete Broome viewing experience, book a guided excursion to the immense wilderness of Cape Leveque, which includes a stop at one of the local Aborigine villages. You’ll need a reliable vehicle as well as a spirit of adventure!

Cape Leveque
Cape Leveque is at the northernmost tip of the Dampier Peninsula in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Cape Leveque is 240 kilometres north of Broome, and is remote with few facilities. Nevertheless, the Cape’s sandy beaches are attracting an increasing number of visitors. In Cape Leveque, swimming and snorkeling are popular activities.

Horizontal Falls

This tour isn’t for people on a tight budget. But it’s still worth adding to your bucket list because it shows you the best of the coastal Kimberley area. With two gorges facing each other, the Horizontal Falls provide an impressive sight. It produces a waterfall impression when it flows through the gap at a very high tide.

Using seaplanes and boats, Horizontal Falls day tours convey you to the heart of Western Australia’s Kimberley area, where red rock meets blue waters, and allow you to experience the wonder of this part of the world.

The Gibb River Road

The Gibb River Road, which runs on the opposite side of Derby from the city center, is a bit farther out. This is one of the most breathtakingly stunning sights to see in Broome and the rest of the country. The Kimberley area is at its most spectacular here, with magnificent gorges, almost magical waterfalls, and difficult 4WD trails to explore. Broome is an excellent starting point for exploring Windjana Gorge, one of the country’s best spots to witness freshwater crocodiles in their natural habitat.

Tunnel Creek, a network of underwater caverns with Aboriginal art and various rare fauna, may also be reached by boat. Book a guided tour if you want to get up close and personal with these gorgeous creatures. You may take a diversion around these areas of interest to get back on the highway and back to Broome.

There are many other attractions along the Gibb River Road if your travels take you to the west, including Bell Gorge, Galvan’s Gorge, and El Questro Park. You may reward yourself with a soak in an infinity pool overlooking Lake Argyle, Australia’s second-largest lake, as the Gibb River Road comes to a close at the Northern Territory boundary.

Gibb river road
The Gibb River Road has scenic views of geological formations and natural scenery, Aboriginal and pastoral history, as well as rare and unique fauna and flora. Attractions along the road include Windjana Gorge National Park, Tunnel Creek National Park, Adcock Gorge, Manning Gorge, Galvans Gorge, Lennard Gorge, Bell Gorge, and Wunaamin Miliwundi Ranges.

A Tour of the Town

When it comes to Broome’s attractions, it’s the tales behind the sights that make them so intriguing. Although there are many things to see in Broome, the stories behind the sights make it so interesting. You can learn about many different things in the town’s history, from the first people who lived there, to pearlers from all over the world, to modern life.

You will have a far better understanding of the geography and culture of Broome by participating in a tour when you first arrive, making your vacation much more enjoyable. 

Dolphin and whale watching

Roebuck Bay’s waters aren’t crystal clear, but that isn’t due to pollution; rather, it is due to the powerful tides that suck in the colors of the land twice daily. It also draws in nutrients, giving it a nutrient-dense feeding ground for various marine animals.

Approximately 35,000 humpback whales cruise along the shoreline during the whale migration season (July to September), more than twice the number of humpback whales migrating along the east coast. If you go whale watching with Broome Whale Watching, you have a good chance of seeing some of them. Imagine spending the day with the world’s biggest creatures in blue waters. Whale and dolphin watching is one of the must-do activities in Broome.

Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark Tours
The giant Humpback whales. Despite their size, humpback whales are among the gentlest and most compassionate animals on the planet. It is extremely rare for a humpback whale to injure someone, people have been swimming with whale guides for years, and humpback whales are considered as the gentle giants of the sea for a reason.

HelpingMinds Open Days – Broome

HelpingMinds Broome Open Days are a great opportunity to meet other people and learn how to build a more resilient community. Please find out more about the activities, services, and support that HelpingMinds provides to our local community by meeting their friendly staff members. This event is held once every month from March to December.

Everyone in the community is invited, including mental health caregivers, families, and other support providers. There is no cost. Light refreshments will be given. You may register your interest by contacting them at 1800 811 747 or for additional information.

Where: Broome HelpingMinds Office, 2/40 Dampier Terrace, Broome, WA7 Dec

Broome Art Galleries

Broome is home to various art galleries where works of art depicting the surrounding scenery are for sale. At Broome Gallery, you’ll discover vivid works by local artist James Down and indigenous art at Short St Gallery and breathtaking photographs capturing local sceneries at Yane Sotiroski Photography Gallery.

A vibrant Chinatown in Broome

Chinatown grew out of basic tin shelters built to house workers in the late nineteenth-century pearling boom. Today, you can stroll all-around historic buildings, boutiques, and galleries or relax in one of the several cafés and indulge in the atmosphere.

Explore the Mangrove Swamps of Roebuck Bay

By boat, explore the mangrove marshes of adjacent Roebuck Bay, home to 11 different mangrove species. This significant ecosystem supports a diverse range of species, including turtles, dolphins, and many fish and other aquatic life. Explore mudskippers and crabs at low tide to get an idea of the great biodiversity that exists in the area.

roebuck bay mangroves
Roebuck Bay is a 550 km2 (210 mi2) tropical, marine embayment. It has red sandy beaches and areas of mangroves, with the eastern edge of the bay being made up of linear tidal creeks. It is surrounded by grasslands and pindan woodland.

Yawuru Walking Tour

Things to do in Broome today. On a walking tour with Narlijia Experiences, experience Broome through the perspective of the Yawuru, the region’s traditional owners of the lands and waters. Explore the town’s history and the significance of the surrounding landscape to the Yawuru people.

Cafés, Bars, and Restaurants in Broome

One of the best things to do in Broome is to taste the town’s culinary offerings. Broome is swarming with establishments that make the most of the region’s fresh seafood and other produce. Enjoy locally produced beer, seafood on the beach, or a quick snack at a neighborhood café—the decision is yours.

Visit Dinosaur Footprints

More dinosaur footprints, including the world’s biggest, have just been discovered near Broome by palaeontologists. Why don’t you drop by and say hello now when no one else has?

Dinosaur Footprints broome
The dinosaur footprints at Broome can be found all across Roebuck Bay and along the shore; some can be accessed on foot from Gantheaume Point when the tide is below 2.16m, but be warned because the rocks are slick. At low tide, footprints can be observed on Cable Beach, Gantheaume Point, and Reddell Beach.

Go fishing

In the magnificent Roebuck Bay off the coast of Broome, you can go fishing for Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, or Threadfin salmon in the clear seas. You have the option of renting a boat, fishing from the shore, or going on a fishing excursion with the help of the pros.

Visit the Broome Aquarium

Broome’s Aquarium is brand new and recreates the aquatic ecosystem around Broome from Cable Beach to the nearby creeks and Roebuck Bay. Understand the complexities of the maritime ecosystems that surround the city of Broome.

Discover the glorious colours at Gantheaume Point

Gantheaume Point, with its red sandstone cliffs and turquoise seas, is a must-see on every visit to Broome. That’s where Cable Beach comes to an end. The stunning views from Gantheaume Point’s cliff area may be reached after driving a short distance on an unpaved road. An interpretive signage center with information about the area’s history may be found there, as well as parking. Locals leap from the cliffs into the glistening waters at high tide, and you may see someone casting a line in the hope of catching a nibble from the fish swimming below.

Gantheaume Point, Broome
Gantheaume Point is a promontory about 6 kilometres from Broome, Western Australia. It was named on 24 July 1801 for Honoré Joseph Antoine Ganteaume, by Nicolas Baudin during the Baudin expedition to Australia: this was a French expedition to map the coast of Australia, then known as New Holland.

Broome Historical Museum Things to do in Broome today.

Managed entirely by volunteers, Artifacts, photographs, and much of Broome’s pearling memorabilia fill this adorable little building.

Visit the Buddha Sanctuary

A lovely ornamental garden where visitors may meditate, think, practice yoga, and just rest. It’s time to meet the 3.5-Metre Crystal Sitting Buddha, who exudes majesty and encourages health and healing.

Relish a unique breakfast

Start your day with a hearty meal of tropical delicacies. Do try out the tantalizing taste of dishes like fruity toasted mango and coconut bread to fall in love with the rich flavours of the region

Catch a Movie at the Sun Pictures Cinema

Take a trip back in time to the days of quaint old drive-in-cinemas at Sun Pictures Cinema. You can bring take away, and buy a bottle of wine from their kiosk. You can book online for quick admission and be there half an hour before the movie starts to get the best seats. It will be a scream. You might need bug repellent too, since it is outdoors.

Drive Over to the Willie Creek Pearl Farm

Broome was once a thriving pearling haven. Indeed, some of the finest pearls in the world still come from this pretty little town. The Willie Creek Pearl Farm offers numerous interesting tours. You can learn all about the history of the pearl industry. Pearling history tells captivating tales of a courageous era, when the men and women lived a life of danger. While you are there, you can even harvest your own pearl.

Enjoy sunsets and go bar hopping in Cable Beach Things to do in Broome today.

Drink in dramatic, many hued sunsets at Cable Beach. You can take your 4D past the rocks, and drive down to the beach. And, when hunger pangs set in, there is a good collection of bars and restaurants near the beach. The Sunset Bar and Grill offers spectacular views of Cable Beach.  Divers Tavern offers a giddying number of beer and cider on taps, and serves sumptuous food.

Pit Stop Guides: 24 Hours In Broome
Broome is the perfect place to enjoy some of the most beautiful sunset views in the world. Cable Beach, in Western Australia, is famous for its pure white sand beaches that line the turquoise seas of the Indian Ocean. Camels rides, south sea pearls, and water sports are all popular along the 22-kilometer-long beach.

Go for a few yoga classes

Let your mind, body and soul revive through the invigorating effects of yoga. Blue Body Buddha Sanctuary which is located in close proximity to Cable Beach offers yoga lessons from Monday to Friday. But, this peaceful sanctuary with its air of serenity is open to the public all 7 days of the week. You can simply go there in search of some tranquility.

Visit the Broome Courthouse Markets

Held amidst the charming backdrop of the Heritage listed gardens of the Broome Courthouse, trades local goods. These bustling, artistic local stalls sell jewellery, clothing and handicrafts. You’ll find plenty of scrumptious food at the market too. The markets trade on Saturdays all year around, and stay open on Sundays too from April to October. The beautiful personality of the town is perfectly displayed in these bustling local markets.Things to do in Broome today.

Enjoy a camel ride in Cable Beach

Catching a sunset at Cable Beach is also a chance for a camel ride. The gently rolling oceans, frolicking breeze and pastel shaded western skies will make your experience truly magical.

Perth to Broome by Bus
Broome’s setting on a peninsula means it has water on both sides and a plethora of beaches to discover, each with its own personality. The most well-known is Cable Beach, with its white beaches drawing visitors who come to relax during the day and watch stunning Indian Ocean sunsets.

Staircase to the moon

Things to do in Broome today. Staircase to the Moon is a beautiful natural phenomenon; occurring when a full moon rises above the exposed tidal flats of Roebuck Bay. You can witness the arresting beauty of the moon over tidal flats from the Mangrove Hotel or Town. This phenomenon occurs about 2 to 3 days a month from March to October. And, Staircase Market is held on the first night of each Staircase to the Moon. You can wander amongst the colourful stalls, feast on Broome cuisine and listen to lively local live music.

The Top 5 Things To Do When You Visit Broome
The magical sight of staircase to the moon will leave you breathless. When a full moon rises over the exposed tidal flats of Roebuck Bay, it creates a natural spectacle known as the Staircase to the Moon. Between March and October, the Staircase to the Moon occurs 2 to 3 times per month. Depending on the local weather, tides, sunset, and moonrise, visibility may vary.

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