Things to do in Kalbarri National Park

Top 5 Things to do in Kalbarri National Park

The mesmerizing territories of Kalbarri National Park can truly enthral visitors. There are plenty of delightful activities that one can enjoy while visiting this iconic park. The article below includes details about the top 5 things that you can do here to enjoy a remarkable experience.


You can treat yourself to this epic indulgence while visiting Kalbarri National Park. It has some of the best fishing spots in Australia so your chances of securing a good catch will be high indeed!

Adventure sports

Kalbarri National Park is synonymous with adventure sports! Thrill seekers will be able to enjoy a wide range of exciting experiences like quad biking, abseiling, river cruises and sand boarding in this sensational destination. Beginners too can enjoy the ecstasy that these sports offer within the spectacular territories of the park.


If you desire to enjoy the beauty of the landscape in a gentler manner, you can opt to canoe in the gorges of the national park. The tropical sunshine of the golden afternoons makes this experience quite delightful indeed! The fresh air that blows across the mountainous terrain will soothe you as you paddle across polished waters to discover a series of breathtaking sites.

Spotting whales

You will get the opportunity to spot magnificent humpback whales from the many gorges and cliffs that outline the rugged borders of the national park. Witness their graceful glory as they gently part the oceans and dive back into the depths, quietly and enchantingly. Their majestic charm will fascinate you indeed!

Witness the splendour of the Nature’s Window

The iconic Nature’s Window is a place that shouldn’t be missed while exploring Kalbarri National Park. The rock arch here beautifully frames the picturesque river, creating a perfect backdrop for photos! The site is located about one kilometre away from the car park and can be easily reached on foot.
Come, discover the myriad of marvels that are lavishly scattered in this gorgeous national park and enjoy a truly divine experience!
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