Things to Do in Mandurah

Things to Do in Mandurah today. Are you feeling a little dusty? Here is our guide to help you beat COVID – 19 blues with a bit of Jet Skiing, paddling across the Serpentine and Murray Rivers, cruising along Peel inlet to spot dolphins, nature walks to exploring picturesque wineries.

Planning to Stay Migration Agent in Mandurah

Go on a Jet Ski Tour

Hire a Jet Ski to brave the waters of the Estuary. Fly across the water on an exhilarating ride. You can follow their guide on a thrilling ride or a dolphin spotting tour. You can jump waves and drink in the stunning views of around the Peel-Harvey Estuary.

Go on a Dolphin Spotting Tour

We are still meandering through the Mandurah estuary. Board a cruise to sail across the Mandurah estuary and Creery Wetlands to watch frolicsome wild dolphins and birds. The Murray River is a safe haven for bottlenose dolphins and an extensive variety of bird species, not to mention native crab and fish species.

Explore the Waterways

Hire a boat for the day to play at being a skipper. You could sail through Mandurah canals and the estuary to take in the views and watch dolphins. If you don’t have a boat license, hire a houseboat. These fully-equipped vessels are available to leave from Mandurah Ocean Marina or Ravenswood on the Murray River. You could take your fishing gear, or even try your hand at crabbing for blue swimmer crabs (native to Mandurah). When the hunger pangs hit, get yourself to a restaurant on the river bank. Things to Do in Mandurah today.

Discover the Yalgorup National Park

Renowned for its elongated lakes, tuart forests and picture-perfect woodlands, the Yalgorup National Park nestles conveniently between a highway and the Indian Ocean south of Mandurah. You can savour the park’s crowning glory (arguably), Lake Clifton Thrombolites. Microorganisms that are too small for human eyes to see build these rock-like structures from deep within Lake Clifton. You can view the thrombolites from a boardwalk. The park also offers nature trails well-suited for most fitness levels. You can take you pick from a number of trails.

Things to Do in Mandurah today. Explore Serpentine and Jarrahdale

The region is not too far away from Perth, but it is far removed from city life. When in Serpentine Jarrahdale, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful scenery, wineries and historical sites. You can go for a bike ride at Langford Park in Jarrahdale. They have cycling trails for beginners and pros alike. Serpentine Falls at the Serpentine National Park beckon visitors for a gentle dip in its emerald hued waters, picnics and strolls in nature, up close and personal to wildlife, including kangaroos.  You could wrap up your adventure with a tour of a winery, complete with delectable fare and copious amounts of wine.

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