Things to do in Rockingham 2019

What’s on in Rockingham in February?

Rockingham is located just 45 minutes south of Perth and is also known as Perth’s Marine Playground. It offers environmental parks, water sports, safe, beach skydiving, and spectacular beaches. Rockingham makes up the southernmost end of the Perth Metropolitan.

The city is in front of the sheltered water of the Cockburn Sound. The Penguin Island, Garden Islands, and the Seal Islands are nearby. Only a mere 500 meters away is located the Shoalwater Island and Marine Park which plays host to birdlife and wildlife at its finest, found anywhere in the world.

You have many choices which include a beachside stay, wine, and a cruise in the waterway when you plan to visit Rockingham in February.

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park in Rockingham is made up of craggy strings type of weathered limestone, and spectacular sandy white bays. It is also the home of vibrant corals, 150 bottle nosed penguins, and 600 pairs of little penguins, and countless sea lions. You will get an opportunity to interact and experience local wildlife.

Water sports

If you are an adventure lover, you will be in for a treat in Rockingham. You can go to safety Bay and take on the wave on the catamaran or a windsurfing sail. The afternoon breezes make it an ideal place for sailing. You can also chill out on the beach and watch the sails filled with colour, dash over the waves. You can try your hand at stand up paddle boarding, jet skiing, and jet packing. You can also give a shot on wakeboarding at the Perth Wake Park.

Food and Wine

Rockingham is well catered with food and wine, with a host of restaurant and cafes along the foreshore. You can also set out through many heritage trails, drive and walks in the region, if you are a history buff. You can also keep yourself occupied through a first class golf course, excellent recreational fishing, and historical sights.

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