Things to do in Perth in February

Things to do in Perth in February

If you are looking for things to do in Perth, you are in for a treat. Perth is Australia’s sunniest capital. You can expect to see breathtaking ocean sunsets, bush lands, and wineries and they are all close enough to be reached and enjoyed. You will have all the ingredients for a great holiday when you come to Perth.

You can experience the local lifestyle with urban experience in one of the highly listed, most livable cities in the world.

Yanchep National Park

The crystal caves in Yanchep National park are full of natural cave decor which includes stalagmites, flowstones, stalactites, shawls, and columns. You can take a guided tour which lasts for 45 minutes on the Perth’s only metropolitan tourist cave.

Gravity tourist Centre

Gravity tourist Centre is an award-winning tourist attraction. It comprises of highly respected education, science, and tourism facility. It is also the only science centre that focuses on Astronomy, Physics, and Cosmology. 

Scarborough Beach Pool

The Scarborough Beach Pool is more than a swimming pool. It is an iconic new landmark that is in the heart of Scarborough. It is an ideal destination for locals as well as visitors. The spacious open air and the 200 seat grandstand make it an ideal place to be relaxed during the hot summer days.

 John Forrest National Park

The John Forrest National Park is Western Australia’s first national park and is one of Australia’s oldest conservation areas. It is located in Darling Range, only a half hour drive from Perth. The park offers cycling along the reservation, heritage bushwalking, and scenic trails.

Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Park showcases a large collection of fauna found in Western Australia. You will get a chance to encounter Australia’s cutest inhabitants. You will also get a chance to hand feed the kangaroos and capture a picture with cuddly wombats and koalas.

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