Tours and Travels – Perth to Darwin in 29 Days

Tours and Travels – Perth to Darwin in 29 Days: Want a real wild west adventure? Explore Australia’s North West over 29 days from Perth to Darwin.

Because it is one of the world’s biggest and most varied nations, planning a trip across it may be a daunting task, particularly if you are on a tight schedule and only have a few months to see the highlights. The most important question to ask is: “How much do I want to see?” In what amount of time do I have? Also, am I looking for unique experiences that I won’t find anyplace else? If you answered yes to even one of these contemplative questions, you’re almost begging to go on an adventure trip!

Overland tours are a fantastic way to get from one state to another in Australia, whether you’ve been all the way down the East Coast or are just now landing in Perth. An overland excursion between Perth and Darwin, two of Australia’s most isolated cities, is much more thrilling than hopping on a JetStar aircraft. You’ll get to see the numerous West Coast treasures.

Perth and Darwin

Given that the distance between these two cities is 4,041 kilometers, which is about the same as the distance from London to Delhi, it is not surprising that it takes roughly 44 hours to drive there. But keeping this enormous distance in mind, you’ll want to break it up by seeing some of Australia’s most spectacular and intriguing sites.

As you travel across the North West of Australia over the course of 29 days, you’ll pass beautiful national parks like Kalbarri and Karijini and endless, breathtaking beaches like Eighty Mile Beach. In Karijini National Park, you may swim in pristine swimming holes while keeping an eye out for unique Australian animals including red kangaroos, wallaroos, and water monitor lizards.

You may stop at the Bungle Bungles, Echidna Chasm, and Cathedral Gorge, three geological wonders in the Kimberley Region, on your route to Lake Argyle and Darwin, your ultimate destination.

For $8590, you may book a Perth to Darwin (or reverse) trip with Kimberley Wild Expeditions, where you can visit all of the above and more.

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