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Immigration Agents In Melbourne TSS Immigration: At TSS Immigration we are keen to providing fast, easy and personal immigration advice and services to international visitors looking to settle into an Australian career.

With over 100 years collective experience, our Registered Migration Agents and experienced support staff have assisted visa applicants and organisations from over 54 countries.

We specialise in Australian sponsored working visas, with a track record of genuine support, outstanding service and expert knowledge.

TSS specialises in the following visas:

  • Employer nominated permanent visas (subclass 186 / 187)
  • Temporary work visas (subclass 457)
  • Skilled visas
  • Family visas
  • Business visas

TSS Immigration will assist you with all aspects of the visa application from the initial assessment through to the lodgement of the application and any communication with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Our aim is to make your migration process as smooth as possible. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. Please get it tough with us.

Why hire immigration agents?

Working on a visa application by one’s lonesome might be a stressful experience for some individuals. There is certain information that has to be retained. It is also important that everything be carried out to the highest possible standard. The hiring of a migration agent may make a significant amount of the strain easier to bear. They are very knowledgeable in their profession and are up to speed on Australian migration legislation. In addition, we have helped a large number of other people successfully apply for visas.

An integral aspect of an immigration agent’s code of ethics is protecting the client’s best interests. In other words, you can count on professionals to be there for you anytime you have concerns about your visa application and give you expert immigration guidance the entire way through.


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